Warwick Castle


Warwick castle is one of the best reconstructed castles that I have ever seen. It has a whole Disneyland perfection going on although it is owned by Madame Tussaut of the House of Wax fame in London. They put on all sorts of displays of weapons and birds. A beautiful place.


Queen Elizabeth came that day just to say Hi to me.


A view of the grounds from up on a tower.


They had a peacock garden there too. I was hoping to get a photo of a fantastic tail spread but I guess it was molting season as the tails of all of them looked pretty bad.

8 thoughts to “Warwick Castle”

  1. What a great photo of the peacock even without his fanned tail. Aren\’t they a glorious bird? Hope you\’re enjoying every millisecond of your holiday.

  2. Tried to see Warwick Castle once and it was closed because there had been extreme rain and they didn’t want their carpets tracked with mud! So now I’ve seen it anyway, courtesy of Linda.

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