17 Mile Road

Part of the beauty-in more ways than one-of being in Pebble Beach is the breath-taking drive along the near-by 17 Mile Road. Along the way are the fabulous views of the shore, houses that you only see in architectural magazines and those phenomenal cyprus trees.
The shapes always get to me.

The very famous Lone Cyprus Tree, now the official emblem of Pebble Beach. It is about 200 years old and held up with a wire and they’ve built a support wall around it.

There is a tradition at the Inn at Spanish Bay where the bag pipes are played as the sun sets. It is a great place to sit and have a drink and listen to the bagpipes sipping a drink and watching the sun set.

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  1. What a beautiful scene. It looks wind swept and I’ve never liked the wind, although I’d grin and bear it to be in this view !!!

    Hey Linda, did you see Google named Silver City as one of the top 10 hip towns to live in??????? What’s going on with that? Guess this calls for a road trip!

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