Big Sur

Heading south of Pebble Beach is the famous Big Sur reagion. There are stops all along the way with views of the coast that just take your breath away.

Beautiful blue water crashing on rocks-so spectacular!

This shot shows you how the coast just goes on and on with each view more eye-popping than the last.

A look in the other direction. Sigh. Can you see the bridge? It was built in the 30’s which makes you hope that it has been well maintained. My sister is afraid of heights and ended up sitting on the left side of the back seat so she couldn’t get as good a look at the drop as those on the right.

5 thoughts to “Big Sur”

  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos – brings back good memories of my own road trip up the coast this summer! It’s good to see those scenes once again.

  2. Gosh Linda, the photos just get better and better!!! I am so happy that you are enjoying your time there. Just wish I could be there too!

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