Monterey Aquarium

The Monterey Aquarium is one of the most famous in the world. When we went it was packed with people as it was Saturday and I think this probably distracts from all that is there but we did get a look at some interesting things.

They have fascinating tanks of jellyfish. It isn’t often that you get an up close look at one in the water–and you don’t have to worry about being stung.

When I was here years ago, this is what you saw when you walked in the front door. It was so striking. We had to walk around to find it this time. Sometimes there will be divers in the tank feeding the fish.

There was an area where you could see sea birds that are only usually seen from a distance up close. They didn’t even seem to notice all of us looking at them.

A cute sea otter floating on his back taking a little nap. They have to be the cutest things ever.

8 thoughts to “Monterey Aquarium”

  1. My husband’s family live in Carmel/Pebble Beach … and these are some wonderful photos of the area! It is amazingly beautiful out there. Big Sur is a trip we take every time we visit for the awesome natural beauty. It’s so good to drop by your site and see this.

  2. Oh how I love those jelly fish.

    Last Spring I got the fun of taking my grand daughter Iris to the aquarium for the very first time. A treat I will never forget.

    Thanks for stirring up such fond memories.

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