Yosemite Park

One word to describe Yosemite? WOW! It is an unbelievable place and it is no wonder millions come here to camp or just to visit. They now have shuttle buses that go all over the park which helps with the traffic congestion.I’m so glad we weren’t here in the Summer months, as I think it would have been horrific. As we drove into the road leading into the park, about 10 miles from the entrance, there was a detour due to an enormous rock slide that block the entire highway. Then, driving along, you would see signs saying, “rock slide area” and you really hoped that this wasn’t going to be a time when another part of a mountain would give in to gravity. There are huge boulders all over the place in the park due to glaciers doing their thing.

There is a really serious drought condition in California right now so the Yosemite Falls weren’t as spectacular as some photos I have seen of it where it roarsed off the mountain side. It barely trickled but Maurice and I got to the base of it by climbing over many, many boulders and actually cooled off in its mist. This photo is from below looking up.

A view from the side that also gives you a look at some of the splendor of Yosimite.

There is an incredible view of Yosemite from Glacier Point. I put people into this photo to give you an idea of the immenseness of the park. There was a sign here that said at the point where the people are standing there was once ice 700 feet higher. Lots of glacier work and water work done over millions of years.

There is alot of wild life which are very tame. The deer, which are getting near to mating season, are more dangerous than the bears and someone was recently killed when gored by a stag. There were many bear sightings but I never did see one. I almost stepped on a chipmonk as it was so tame feet didn’t scare it. I guess it was waiting for a handout.

I went on a photo walk one day offered by the park-free-and this was one of the photos I took while doing it. I do photo tours myself in Paris so it was nice to see how someone else did it.

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  1. You got some fantastic photos of Yosemite. Thanks for sharing! I was there many years ago and a bear was snuffling around outside our tent at night – it was frightening! The next day we moved to a cabin.

    It’s a beautiful place.

  2. It does look amazingly different, dry, from when we were there — a bit over 20 years ago. I hope the Bridal Veil Falls haven’t met the same fate. Wondering if the snow fall is than it used to be. Have heard that most glaciers, including those in Glacier National Park in Montana, and in the Alps have nearly disappeared by now. We are definitely on a collision course with natural habitats last we thought would last forever.

    Hope you saw the Sequoias in the forests nearby. The General Sherman tree was said to be the largest tree on earth as I recall. I remember there used to be one sequoia with a tunnel through it.

  3. Good grief, so many typos in my entry. Meant to say “wondering if the snow fall is LESS and that we seem to be on a collision course with natural habitats we thought would last forever. That Dyslexia strikes again.

  4. Linda I have just caught up with all your posts and pics. BEAUTIFUL. The lake reflection is a winner.
    I have posted more of my story if you have tinme to drop by. No point in telling you to have a wonderful time.

  5. I often check your blog but not lately so what a surprise tonite when your title said Yosemite park. I live in Clovis in Fresno county and i consider Yosemite as one of my backyards. The other one is Sequoia National park n I hope you got a chance to visit that too. THese parks are just about an hour n half drive from my place. I’m proud of it but I still envy you for living in France.

  6. Oh Linda, the photos are just beautiful. I particularly loved the second one. Have never really wanted to visit the States until I saw this. Beautiful.

  7. Even in a non-drought year, the falls aren’t going to be very full in the fall. I hope you can see the falls in the spring someday.

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