I can’t remember how I first heard of Capitola but when, for a very brief period of time, I lived in Mountain View, California, I visited it for a day and was charmed. It is a very small little town sitting on a very small bay and I bought one of my favorite posters there which still hangs, framed, on my bedroom wall in Paris. So, now that we are here in the area for six weeks, Maurice and I drove up to look at it again.

Here is a view of colorful cottages across the little bay. Wouldn’t it be fun to stay in one of them?

We stopped for a drink here. It was a beautiful day and it was one of those times when it was a pleasure to just sit and look at nothing in particular.

This lady had a really nice garden and a very pink cottage.

Each cottage had some sort of nautical decoration on it.

5 thoughts to “Capitola”

  1. Wow, Linda, that place is so special. It’s so enchanting-looking! This is what I love about blogging — it really opens up the world.

  2. Doesn’t it all look like a movie set? Well, it is California, even if it’s not L.A. I lived in San Francisco for nearly 18 years. I don’t think I miss it much though.

  3. Oh my gosh, this little row of colorful homes has me written all over them. Wow.

    You must be having a great trip, will there be a stop in New Mexico??????

    I’d make chili rellenos for you…… grandmother used to entice me this way, she’d call me up and say “oh Dolly, I’ve got cinnamon rolls, don’t you want to come have some?????”. Well of course that was enough….she knew the way straight to my heart.

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