Chez Panisse

I’ve long wanted to eat at a restaurant in Berekely called Chez Panisse. Anyone interested in food and its preparation has heard of this place. It is known for its fresh food and taste and the founder, Alice Waters, basically started the trend in the States using really fresh food found locally. I called on a whim when we were heading up past San Francisco to see if a reservation could be had at the last minute and to my surprise, there was. We had lunch in the upstairs cafe.

I love big bouquets of flowers-this was at the top of the stairs.

The menu. Three really fun ladies from New York set next to us and one of them said, “Can you believe we are here?” You could tell they were really excited, like me, to be there. That sense of anticipation for a new experience with eating is so much fun. Later they said, “Isn’t it nice not to be disappointed?”

I had gazpacho with shrimp-very tasty but, I have to say that I had some better in a little village in Provence once.

This was a chicken breast pounded thin and then grilled with onion rings and tomatillos on top. It was really tasty. Neither of us left a crumb on our plates. Dessert was an apple and blueberry crumble. We left not feeling stuffed, which I always like. I also bought her latest cookbook just out called The Art of Simple Food. I’ve barely looked at it but she is a proponant of cooking with local ingredients which seems to be a huge thing right now in the States. I think most of Europe, but at least France, already does that with all of the bi-weekly markets everywhere. Getting fresh fruit and vegetables never seems to be a problem anyway.

9 thoughts to “Chez Panisse”

  1. See, you just never know!
    It was worth the phone call!
    And so continues your wonderful holiday.
    Are they ground peppercorns next to the soup?

  2. There are so many wonderful posts here (I love the pastel cottages a few posts ago). And … Chez Panisse! How marvelous. Somehow I am so thankful and relieved that you were not disappointed, since I am always a bit nervous to try famous spots out just in case it’s all hype.

  3. Linda – just now catching up with you and am loving the nature pictures – great shots. Lucky you getting to Chez Panisse – such a great place.
    I’m off to England next Monday so may not see the remainder of your trip until end of the month – will check back on my return.
    Continue having a great time.

  4. This is one of my favourite restaurants! I went there a lot when I lived in El Cerrito (next to Berkeley). So glad you enjoyed your visit. Enjoy the remainder of your trip!

  5. That’s strange! I commented on beach and light house scenes and they seem to have been replaced by other photos. Hey Ho!

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