Lighthouse at Point Reyes

If you travel north of San Francisco onto Highway One, you eventually reach a little town called Inverness. Maurice and I stayed at a hotel here which overlooked a bay which resembled a lake. A long time ago I had visited the lighthouse on Point Reyes and wanted to get another look at it. It was cooler today than normal due to a little cold front in the area but the skies remained blue and the sun bright. The drive to the lighthouse from Inverness takes a good thirty minutes or so. It is a very rural area, totally unbuilt upon except for from Ranches named after letters of the alphabet, as in Ranch A. At one point we passed an oyster farm and then drove through two ranches with herds of black and white cows in the meadows where the milk comes from for some gourmet California cheese. Finally we reached the lighthouse. You have to park in a lot some distance from the lighthouse and hike up to it.

There was an incredible view of the shoreline far down below, known to be treacherous and I’ve never seen people in the water.

Here is the lighthouse. You have to go down over 300 steps to reach it, keeping in mind the whole time that the climb will have to be made after you see the lighthouse. There was a very nice gift shop at the top with books on lighthouses and lots of beautiful cards and posters. If you saw the horrow film by John Carpenter called, The Fog, this is where the main character goes in the evening to do a radio show. The movie, while rather cheesy(but I have to say it scared me to death years ago), gives you a really great look at the area. The interiors of the lighthouse in the movie were not done here, in case you wondered.

A close-up look. If there was a heavy fog, the lighthouse keeper had to burn coal like crazy to get the light to light up with steam-before electricity. It isn’t operational anymore but there is a great fog horn going off every 30 seconds which I love the sound of. There were screens on the window too. I think they were glass only when I saw it before. One of the daily jobs the lighthouse keeper had was keeping them clean.

The steps going up. Not much fun and, even if you started out feeling cool, you are sweaty and hot by the top.

7 thoughts to “Lighthouse at Point Reyes”

  1. The reason that water is called treacherous is that it is SO COLD! You can\’t go in without a wetsuit. Otherwise you turn blue in about three mintues.

  2. I just love deserted beaches like that. The water looks a but treacherous to me.

    Glad you enjoyed Snowshill. How long before you are back in France?

  3. I know I’ve said it before – but you really have taken some spectacular photos on your trip!!
    You should be very proud of your talent!

  4. Such a coincidence, I posted about Point Reyes on the very same day that you were there enjoying that view! Love your photos, am very envious that you got to go there. I hope I get a chance to go back soon

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