San Francisco

Of course, we made a trip to San Francisco-that city with one of the most breath-taking settings in the world.

On the way into San Francisco from the north you can stop on the Marine county side and see this view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is such stunning architecture.

A little closer from the other side.

And a little further away as we were on the scenic route through the city on the way to Highway 1. We had another spectacular day of sunshine.

The day we went into San Francisco to see a play, Maurice and I stood in line for a long time, at each end, to ride the cable car. There wasn’t any sitting room when it came time for us to board but we stood on the side holding onto bars, leaning out over the side. We could have done the high five with passengers on cable cars coming from the other direction if we had wanted. At one point you are at the top of Nob Hill and you can see blocks and blocks of streets as you are heading downhill towards the bay which is where I took this photo. This is where you pray the brakes don’t give out. It’s a fun way to get glimpses of the city from one side to the other and I arrived with wind blown hair made frizzy in the humidity. It was chilly too. Like the song says, I think I always leave a bit of my heart in San Francisco.

6 thoughts to “San Francisco”

  1. This post and the last one are a little bit of nostalgia for me from a year lived in San Francisco years ago. Nice!

  2. What stunning photos of the bay! And I feel almost like I’m reliving our summertime drive up the coast again – I’m glad you are enjoying the sites!

  3. These photos are fantastic. Would you mind if I republished them on my blog?

    If you swing back through the Bay — I live in Oakland — and would love to buy you a drink. (I found your blog from Jennie en France.)

  4. How breath taking they are. My son ws in San Fran. last year and he has some breath taking pics. too.

    The places on your next post do look fairtytale.

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