Carmel By The Sea

Isn’t that a great name?–Carmel By The Sea? Maurice and I rented the Clint Eastwood movie, Play Misty For Me, the other night because it was all filmed in this area. The movie was made in the 70’s and you can see how much the area has changed but there is still that magnificant coast line in the Big Sur Area which is in the opening scene of the movie and that still looks the same. The movie is sort of the fore runner of Basic Instinct, in which men learn that they need to be careful who they get involved with. The sidewalks are now packed with tourists wanting a look at this charming town.

The builder whose wife was taken with the “fairy tale look” built many cottages now called story book cottages. They look like they are straight out of a Disney movie. As we walked around I also saw some wonderful gardens stuffed with flowers and pots and all sort of garden embellishments. I think most women are drawn to these but Maurice said he thought they were too much and it would lead to “little men” in the garden-I think he meant garden gnomes. He’s proably right but they are appealing.

There are little passage ways all over the place and they often lead to great shops, gardens or places to eat.

dsc_0107-copy.jpg Clint Eastwood was once the mayor of Carmel and still lives in the area. He once owned this bar/restaurant and it is a fun place to stop for a drink. Didn’t see Clint though.

Nearby is the Carmel Mission. It was totally in ruins at one point but has been beautifully restored and is now back in use. I love Spanish architecture.

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  1. Well you\’ve done it again Linda. You revived my memories of a long ago trip to Carmel by the Sea and I\’ve searched the web for further photos. Once more, none of what I\’ve found approach what you\’ve published here. You do have a special genius with a camera. These are so personal and evocative, I feel that I am there once more. Such lovely quirky buildings, curious passageways and elegant Spanish accents. You\’ve caught the spirit of the place.

  2. Having spent many, many wonderful hours walking the lanes of Carmel (my husband\’s families\’ hometown)… this is a fabulous memory lane post for me. I hope you really enjoy yourself. If you get to the Carmel Art Co-Op (the first gallery in Carmel), Geoff\’s grandfather was one of the founding artists and his relief work is on the front of the old banks and stuccoed buildings (Paul Whitman). Don\’t you love the patio dining beside the outdoor fires … and I particularly love the old CA missions. It\’s all lovely. Have a fabulous time.

  3. We visited and loved the Carmel area. We took a small plane back to San Francisco to catch a flight back to Hawaii and the Incredible Hulk borded with us in Carmel. (Lou Ferrigno)

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