Adventures In Babysitting

Wasn’t that the name of a movie some years ago? The young, beautiful teen-ager came to babysit and had all sorts of adventures with the children, running from gansters, trying to get the family car fixed, finding a neat new handsome boyfriend. Well, I had my own adventures too while I was in the States. I took care of three of my grandchildren while their parents were out of town. They were Jackson, age 5, Holden, age 3 and Micah, age 19 months. Was I exhausted at the end of the 5 days? I sure was. You find out very quickly that your energy level isn’t the same as it was when your own children were young. I usually went to bed at the same time as the two older grandsons, 9 PM or so.

It is interesting, seeing the routine someone else’s children have. My son doesn’t have a TV which meant I couldn’t watch it-not a bad thing, really-but it also meant that these children really knew how to play and entertain themselves. Seeing a video was a thing of great excitement for them and they saw the first Stars Wars movie just recently for the first time. They spend hours dressing up in costumes, building towers of blocks or leggos, coloring and learning their numbers and letters. The 5 year old is already reading rather well. We spent time in a near-by park and my arms ached by the end of the time there from pushing swings, a source of endless delight for them. And that “baby” was one heavy kid. My back was killing me lugging him upstairs for naps or bedtime but he went to bed so sweetly and easily, it was a pleasure, really.

One weekend, my other son came with his three children so I got to have them all with me at one time. There were four little cars that could be ridden in the house and a circle they could make over and over again and, my, did they make a racket. The adults went outside quite often to get a break from the noise. Ella is my only grand daughter and it was interesting to see how different she was from all of those boys. She wanted to swing, take care of the baby and play house, not to mention play with her dolls.

Once, many years ago, my parents took care of my oldest son and, as a favor, also our dachsund, Brandy. When we came back to pick up both son and dog, my parents told me I couldn’t have my dog back, that they were going to keep her, and, for some reason, my ex and I agreed to this. Believe me, Brandy had a life of unbelievable luxury with them and we eventually got another dog. Anyway, when my son and his wife returned I told them that they couldn’t have Micah back, that I was taking him home with me. What a sweet little boy. He is one of those happy kids who only becomes cranky when he is hungry or sleepy and the rest of the time zooms around the place with a smile on his face. I think we really bonded and he spent alot of time sitting in my lap and interacting with me. Of course, as soon as his mother came on the scene, that was all over. I think he was afraid she was going to leave again.

I am back in Paris again where it is cold and gray and wishing I could spend more time with those three little boys, along with my other three grandchildren who I only got to spend a couple of days with. Being a “Mimi” is really great. My other son asked me if I would ever come to sit with his kids too. Of course. It is a good way to get to know them, then I can totally spoil them and then go home to recover.

Here is Micah saying, “Cheese!”

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  1. How wonderful to spend such intense time with them. Isn’t it refreshing not to have a TV? We’ve gone away for a month at a time to places without one, and it is so peaceful. You can finally think.

  2. Oh my gosh, grandchildren are just great and I’m so glad you got to spend some quality time with them. I know any time I get to spend with Iris is worth more than gold to me.

    Great photo of that cute little blonde baby !!!!! I just want to smooch those cheeks!

    Now I understand why my grandmother would say “come here Dolly and let me pinch your butt” !! HA!

  3. Ohh, he’s soooo cute! Great to read about your time with your sweet grandchildren!
    Tv: my mom banned it till we were nearly teenagers, which I thought was mean, but in retrospect, I think she was a genius mother.

  4. Yes, no television. What a wonderful change. I didn’t have one for years and then remarried and my husband LIVES for television. What a racket. The sounds of children are far better, almost no matter WHAT they are doing. Last month my husband bought some sort of radio earphones. Now only he hears the television when it’s on. Blessed peace.
    Beautiful child Little Micah. He does look like a very happy boy.

  5. That little Micah is adorable – no wonder you wanted to keep him! So glad you got to spend time with your grandchildren.
    I’m back from England and gradually catching up – come visit me soon Linda!

  6. Great time had by everyone then, you get time with the children, their parents get quality time alone and everyone’s happy. It’s amazing how quickly they grow isn’t it? Glad you had a good time!! I sorely miss my Ella who is on the other side of the world, she is 18 months and already speaks to us on the webcam, a wonderful invention.

  7. Oh Linda, forgot to say, welcome back to France! Although you were having such a wonderful time and it was probably difficult to return. Sorry it’s gloomy here just now, we had some lovely Indian Summer though. It has been fun gearing up for the Holidays too. We have all missed you, but enjoyed your travels!

  8. How great that you got to spend so much quality time with all your grandchildren. I know how much that meant to you. Welcome back to Paris… when you get over your jet lag, let’s get together and catch up, and maybe arrange a double date?

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