An Autumn Day in Provence

 When it is summer and the sun doesn’t even begin to set until 10 PM or so and you can swim without goosebumps, when the sun shines and you wear sandals and shorts, well, I sort of hate to see it end. I don’t want autumn to arrive with the rapidly shortening days, lack of summer fruit and vegetables and the change of daylight savings time, but it arrives anyway. And then I remember that I love autumn. The days get cooler and the leaves start turning and I love that delicious slant of the sun, so different from summer. I missed the beginning of autumn while in the States (you don’t see much in Texas) so it was sort of a surprise to arrive in Provence and find autumn well underway.


Some red leaves on a vine covering a house in our village.


A view from up the mountain looking at the vines all dressed in gold.


Just about the only gold leaves near our house-the rest are the brown leaves you see on Oak trees.


 Our ruined chateau in the background of the yellow vines. It just makes you want to say, “Job well done!” to the vines, “You can rest now.”

9 thoughts to “An Autumn Day in Provence”

  1. Pretty to see the change of seasons here and to recognize a familiar site or two. Those red vine leaves are so vibrant – I miss the red maple leaves here in Paris that I normally see in my native northeast. Most of the leaves are down now anyway – we had strong rain the other night and now it really feels like November here: I need to wear gloves now when I go out!

  2. Reminds us of the fall colors in New England and Arkansas. We still miss them after living in California for many years. Love all of the pictures, especially the deep red leaves.

  3. Breathtaking! You have a ruined chateau!!!! How romantic. Our leaves did fairly well this year, but never like I want. It’s warm here again (Arkansas) and the 70 degree weather is really getting on my nerves!

  4. Sitting here in Texas longing for to be at my cottage in Buisson. Your photos of the vines will have to do. Thanks, and so happy I found your blog.

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