An Autumn Day in Paris


  We are back in Paris, probably until March. We arrived on probably one of the last TGV’s that will be running for a while due to all sorts of strikes that are going to start on Wednesday. Sarkosy is trying to make many changes and they aren’t very popular. So, for who knows how long, 50 out of 700 TGVs and trains will run, 1/10 of buses and metros will be available, to be followed by other sorts of strikes. This is the part I hate about France-all of those strikes that inconvenience millions of people but it just seems to be a part of life here and I guess it started with the Revolution and the passion for taking to the streets just hasn’t stopped. Sarkosy should be glad that the people aren’t setting up guillotines at Place de la Concorde.

 I’ve been reluctant to post the following, afraid I might jinx something but I think it is going to happen. “What?”, you ask. My middle son and his family, the one I just babysat for in Texas, are moving to Switzerland. It is really incredible how it all happened-sort of makes you believe in “The Secret” where you make a wish and it happens. I can’t tell you how happy it will make me to have at least part of my family actually in Europe. Maybe the rest will follow. My son had a job with a university installing the largest computer system in the world. That’s all I know about his job. Anyway, he has long been saying that he isn’t happy with the American culture and that he would love to raise his children somewhere else. His wife, without telling him, sent off his resume to a Swiss company and they need someone with his skills and he got the job! They won’t be right across the border from France, darn it, but near Italy in a city called Lugano which is in a beautiful setting with a lake and just miles from Milan. The cost of living is high there and many go across the border to buy groceries. So now they need to sell their home and move three sons and their belongings to Switzerland, probably as soon as January. I can’t wait.

 My daughter is expecting my 7th grandchild and it is yet another boy. My son, the one moving to Switzerland, and his wife are expecting what will probably be another boy. That will make, can you believe it, eight! Anyway, my daughter might have to have a c-section due to the placenta being in the wrong place but it could move as the uterus grows so I sure would appreciate good thoughts and prayer out there in the blogging world. I will be back in the States in February to babysit for my oldest son’s children and then hang around for the birth of Number 7. Life is pretty interesting right now. I’m going to venture out into Paris and see how it is trying to get around. I may end up walking alot.

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  1. Linda, it sure is nice to hear all the good news. Lucky you !!!! What is that saying “when it rains it pours”.

    I’m making rellenos this weekend, you’re invited for dinner !!! I’ll eat an extra one in your honor. Ha!

  2. So, so happy for you Linda! You gotta believe in “The Secret” 😉

    Your son ( and his boys) will have an incredible, enriching experience of a lifetime!

    And Lugano is gorgeous (and a great excuse for you to visit Italy)…

  3. Congratulations for excellent news all round! And yet another excursion planned to be with those beautiful grandchildren. Life is sweet.

    I have to say on the Sarkosy debate that I truly hope France will stay just as it is. There are many reasons it has been voted for three years running the best country in the world to live in, including the calm lifestyle, amazing health care and unpolluted food. What a shame if Sarkosy wins the right to make it anything like the United States, to beat people out of their pensions, stretch the work week, promote competition and minimise family time together. As your son has, I left the States being quite glad there were other places to live and this is where we have chosen. I’d be sad to see it altered in any way.

  4. That’s so exciting about the upcoming changes in your family – moves to Europe and new babies! I will include them in my prayers, and look forward to some wonderful blog posts in the future.

  5. Oh Linda, I am so happy this worked out with your son and grandkids being so much closer. I can tell this is going to make your life here even better. (Now if you can only get the OTHERS over here, right?) Welcome back… give me a holler when you want to get together some time, strike or no strike. And I am definitely sending positive vibes for two healthy new grandchildren for you and your family. What a double blessing!

  6. Linda! This is great, great news and I am very happy for you. It means the world to have a child in the same part of the world and I Love that his wife applied for the position for him! And a 7th grandchild is such a gift. I have several married children but no grandchildren yet. Can’t wait!

  7. Wow, that is such excellent happy news — I am very happy for you! I’m sure they are so excited, what a grand adventure. Just keep praying for what you want, somebody is listening!

  8. Glad you had a safe return. You have an amazing way of capturing the moment in pictures. This shot of the leaves along the way is a great perspective.

    Congratulations on the future arrival of two new babies, Linda. Prayers for their safe birth.

    How exciting that your son and family will be close by. Can we expect lots of blogs from Switzerland and Italy? I know you’ll make many trips there.

    Hope the strike ends soon. Must make getting around really hectic.

  9. Oh, these strikes! The first one left me somewhere in between bemused and amused (and stuck at home when I wanted to see the autumn changes at the Château de Versailles gardens), but this one… hmm…

    At least it leaves plenty of time for blog writing!

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