Apartment Renovation

 Here are a few photos of the renovation-some old ones showing the before and some of what’s happening now.


This is a look into what was our bedroom-the master bedroom.


This is a sort of blurry shot of the orginal living room which then became our guest bedroom and which will now be the only remaining bedroom, ours.


The wall with the painting on it is the one which is coming down. By the way, most of this furniture in the photo ended up in Provence. Just the couch and TV table stayed.


 The wall is now down. You can see the gray line on the floor where it used to be and our old door leaning against the wall.


They hung a huge sheet of plastic to keep the dust out of the kitchen so we could still use it. Did it work? Not really but I guess there is less dust than there could have been.

Maurice and I are now going to get out and find some new furniture. I have always found the decorating a home sucks up money like a sponge.

6 thoughts to “Apartment Renovation”

  1. I love the longer windows and the wrought ironwork outside, you see that all round Paris. It looks as though the renovation is nearly complete, will be worth it!

  2. Can understand why you like getting up and going elsewhere! That would be lovely for us to do as well with the mayhem over here, however, there is no Paris outside our door, just cows and fields and the odd town or two. It is a lovely flat, the wood floors are remarkable and your view looks interesting. Certainly it will be worth the effort to have a place to relax and entertain. All best wishes, Linda.

  3. My house looked like this during August and September and no, the plastic didn’t keep out the dust. And the worker guys thought that smoking behind the plastic was not bothersome (ugh).
    It’s going to look great — and though it’s true that decorating is $$$, it’s also so much fun, don’t you think?

  4. Thanks for the pictures. When it’s done, you’ll love it. In the meantime, lots of time for you to walk around Paris…pretty nice escape, though I understand it’s really cold.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving with friends and family.

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