A Paris Brocante

 A friend and I made our way on a cold Saturday afternoon to a brocante right off of Republique near rue de Temple. It turned out to be huge, circling around a square and a covered market and up and down streets. It was one of the best that I’ve seen in a long time.


This was the covered market with some of the many stalls around it.


 I’m always attracted to old keys. Some of these were centuries old.


I was taking photos of glasses for sale when the vendor said, “Take a photo of me too.” which I did. I think I could have had a date for dinner that night if I’d wanted.


 There is always food for sale. These all smelled so good, especially with the onions frying in the middle.


 Candied apples called Pomme d’amour-apples of love.


 Isn’t this a cute dog? Her name is Maggie and she is owned by two Americans who were there for a television show. It turns out that Maggie is Maggie the Wonder Dog with her own website at www.maggiethewonderdog.com where you can see videos of such shows as Jay Leno and also some adorable photos. She was very sleepy when we saw her sitting in a cafe at the table with her owners and mostly slept. Jesse, her owner, said she taught herself, somehow, how to count and do math. Pretty incredible and, really, I think the most interesting celebrity I’ve ever met, the cutest for sure.

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  1. If you are able to edit, change your website address to dot blogspot dot com as the @ is wrong. Looks interesting and I have added to my favourites, I just love reading about your life in Paris.

  2. Ok, now I am sooooooooooooooo jealous !!! Man, that looked like such a fun time. I love the keys too. But those glasses really caught my eye (what I could see).

    I’ll check out the new site.

  3. Linda ~ I\’ve been trying to visit your new page but can\’t seem to find it. Maybe you could make the address in your post a link so I can figure out where to go and then bookmark it.

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