Neighborhood Faces

 These photos aren’t on my street, but a few blocks from there. I’m amazed by the architecture that was done in Paris right before WWI, mostly in the Arch Nouveau fashion. I really like it.


 These happy faces grace one building


A noble lion guards a door


 Such a feminine decoration


 A closeup of her face-look, she even has a dimple in her chin!

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2 thoughts to “Neighborhood Faces”

  1. You’ve got to wonder whose faces those were modeled after? What an honor that would have been. I just finished watching the Ken Burns documentary, The War. I’m always amazed after watching the WWII war footage that all of Europes’a amazing architecture survived.

  2. Not all of Europe’s architecture lived through the War so well as this. Cities such as Coventry in England, or Rennes and St. Malo here where we livein Brittany had to be rebuilt, just to name a. There are probably hundreds of such places I would imagine. But you do think about the landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, grateful that no one saw fit to destroy such an iconic structure. The girl’s face does look like a special model, someone in particular. Wonder who she was?

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