Early Signs of Christmas

 Europe isn’t quite as fast off the mark for signs of Christmas as the States. It wasn’t until last week that I started seeing Christmas decorations for sale in the stores and I am just starting to see windows decorated for Christmas. They turned on the holiday lights on the trees lining the Champs Elysees a few days ago so I guess I will have to get in gear and put up a few things in our place. Maurice wants a tree this year. I wouldn’t mind doing without one, being the Scrooge that I am, but I guess I will have to do more this year than just buy a poinsettia like I did last year. Anyway, here are a few photos recently taken around Paris.


They did this last year around the Place Vendome area-put up chandeliers of plastic that look like glass from a distance.


 Not exactly a Christmas color, and I think it may be permanent but I like it.


Laudaree Tea Shops are known for their windows. Usually the decorations are in pastel colors but for Christmas they are going more elegant looking with black, red and gold.


I like it!

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7 thoughts to “Early Signs of Christmas”

  1. Do you think the red light signifies a house of ill repute. I love to see the shop windows change, some very talented people put there. Love your photos as always.

  2. France and the rest or Europe are a little more reserved, and just like the British there Christmas decorations I guess will come out on dec 1st, the American do like to party and its a sure way of getting the Christmas spirit into the shops early. PS: you have some great photos on the site

  3. It is hard for me to get motivated for the tree and major decorating without children to enjoy the result. Several of our children will be home this Christmas, our first in France, and all they’re mostly grown now we’re gathering our strength to do the “whole nine yards” in honor of our new home and having a beautiful window for a tree at last. Wish you luck on overcoming the poinsettia bias. I too have been doing random lights on the bannister, or a fireplace garland, for several years. It’s attractive, but it’s not the same, is it? We have a lovely replica of Le Train Bleu, which we bought for my son’s first Christmas [is it twenty two years ago?] and I’ve just dragged the box down from the attic thinking, about time we really got in the spirit!

  4. Linda .. have tried to leave several messages but somehow can’t get through … thank you for the fabulous photos of Paris. I love the chandeliers.

    Your new blog is simply lovely but I think Google is having a few problems and only allowing google/blogspot addresses to comment.

    I wish I could get away with only buying a poinsettia but I am not sure I can do it!

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