The Pair

 They had been together since the beginning, both wearing golds and greens, both fond of flowers and leaves.


They had found life useful being the sort to offer comfort and support to others. They were side by side, cozy, snug, content. Years went by and, with their time in the sun, they became a little faded, a little used and it wasn’t too long after that, even though it was after years of service, that it was decided that they had to be let go. They sat, side by side, in a little shop wondering what would become of them. Would they remain together? Would their old coverings be ripped off to be replaced by screaming red and yellow stripes? Would they loose the row of brass tacks running down each arm, surley the best decoration of all?


 No, it turned out that they were to remain together. They weren’t side by side anymore but they could see each other across the room and, best of all, they could still offer comfort and a soft, warm place to sit to anyone wanting to rest for a while.



Side Roads of Europe

6 thoughts to “The Pair”

  1. Oh, Linda …how beautiful. Those must be the chairs you picked up for the new living room.
    Congratulations on finishing the project.

  2. A beautiful fabric. Glad you’ve left THEM as they were. According to this modern day legend they are quite happy — and you must be as well!

  3. I love a nicely faded fabric on certain chairs… had one myself for years that I got at an estate sale. Sounds like your “new” old chairs are enjoying their new home in your new salon!

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