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 There has been a sweeping change across France. They are trying to cut down on traffic within cities and now offer bikes for rent. It is very easy to do. The hard part is either finding a bike available when you want one, one with full tires, or an empty place to return the bike to when you are finished. You will be charged for the extra time so you have to find a return point and may end up driving quite a ways from where you wanted. It has been wildly popular and the city of Paris is even making some money on the whole project.


Here is a line of posts where the bikes are parked in my neighborhood. As you can see, there aren’t many left.


You see these trucks all over Paris now as they go check the bikes.


Here is someone putting air in the tires.

 Maurice and I haven’t tried them yet. I’m waiting for warmer weather and it will have to be on a Sunday so there won’t be alot of traffic.

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8 thoughts to “Take A Ride”

  1. This is so wonderful. I wish, wish, wish that New York City would do this too. What a difference it would make. Hopefully, the world will pay attention and France will start a trend.

  2. It must be very tough for residents at the moment. Personally I hope the government there wins because if they don’t the unions will rule your country and no one will want to risk opposing them again after this experience.

  3. The bikes are a great idea. Although I didn’t have the nerve to risk pedaling through Paris traffic, I saw lots of people using them on my last visit. Venturing out on a Sunday is a smart way to get “back in the saddle.”

  4. I saw something about this on Deutche Welle TV just the other day. I imagine it\’s a little cold to be riding bikes in Paris right now.

  5. Hi Linda,

    I just found your site, but I wish I’d found it sooner–when I was still in Paris. We lived near the Bastille. I walked through rue Lappe to get to the Marais often. I saw those plastic chandeliers near the Place Vendome my last day walking in Paris. I miss Paris, so will have to come check out your blog more after this.

  6. Forgot to mention the bikes. There was a stand right near our apartment, but I was afraid to use them. Paris is not that bike-friendly. Also did you hear about the woman who was killed on one on the day of the first strike (Oct. 18th)? She lived in my building. That really scared me off trying them.

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