A Purple Christmas

 The George V is one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris, if not the world. I always like to drop in when I happen to be in the area and look at the flower displays ever since I met the floral designer, an American, a few years ago. At the time he got one million Euros a year just to buy the flowers so, as you might imagine, they are really spectacular. I stopped by the other day to see what the displays would be now that Christmas is coming. I was a little disappointed as it is all purple, trees, and neon lights but I have to admit that it was striking.


Here is one of two trees in the entry lobby


 The chandelier got a nice purple hue


There are some interesting reflections in the Christmas balls too.

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7 thoughts to “A Purple Christmas”

  1. I suppose it is considered “sophisticated” but seems ghoulish — more like Halloween than Christmas. Maybe the flower arranger has run short of ideas, and feels he must try to be perpetually nouveau having been awarded all that money. Regardless of the decoration, Linda, lucky you, just stopping by at the George V!

  2. I would love to drop by the George V! I am so glad that you do so that we can see a bit of the interior. Purple can be so regal and look absolutely beautiful with grey greens … but I am not so sure about the neon!

  3. The George V is just gorgeous, purple decorations and all! The only reason I even know how to pronounce the name of that hotel correctly is b/c I’ve watched French Kiss over and over, “Madame, this is the George V, not some backpacker’s hovel.” Gee, I hope you’ve seen that movie, or you’ll think I’ve lost my mind. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing one of the many interesting places with holiday decorations. The purple thing doesn’t work for me, but what a visual treat. I remember the Ritz and Place Vendome area all decked out last year. Paris probably outdoes NYC in its glamorous decorations.

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