Apartment Renovation 3


The apartment renovation really went smoothly looking back on it. They finished on time, cleaned up their mess, were pleasant to deal with and didn’t go bankrupt, always a plus. They even cleaned my windows, something which will always brighten my day.


I haven’t taken an photos because we’ve run into a bit of a snag. It involves the TV/bookcase unit that we bought at IKEA. We didn’t think of looking at how the display we saw was put together when we purchased it so, after we put all of the individual components together, we discovered that a heavy middle section was only going to hang in space with the four little screws given us to attach to the bookshelves on either side. I could see it could all come crashing down on top of the TV. Maurice called the helpful guys there and they said it all had to be bolted into the wall. Sigh.
I dearly love Maurice and he has many wonderful qualities but carpentry isn’t one of them. I’ve seen his handywork up close and personal in our place in Provence. I went to the hardware store with him and I could tell he wanted to get some god awful, huge metal bracket things to hold up the middle section. I don’t want to see metal bits sticking out here and there. So, right now, the unit is sitting there in its individual pieces while we decide what to do. Another problem is than it doesn’t fit flush up against the wall because of the floor boards and Maurice wants to saw out parts of the book case at the base so it will. I see trouble ahead. Plus, he thinks I can hold the middle section up-it weighs a good 75 pounds-while he bolts it to the wall. I’d like to hire a carpenter type person to do this but Maurice wants to do it himself. I wonder if IKEA would come pick up the whole thing and take it back?
So, instead of photos of our finished apartment, I posted photos of this intriguing covering of a building that is undergoing renovation. It is near the George V hotel, a very posh area, so they can’t just throw up any old ratty thing to cover it but put up something that must have cost a lot of money. Just up the street is Louis Vuitton which, while they were renovating, had a giant suitcase covering that unsightly renovation work.


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  1. Oh my gosh, I figured you ‘d had fun with the image via photoshop ! How clever.

    Hey, I’m with you on the whole carpentry thing. I suggest you call someone to come do it. This way if it gets messed up you won’t have to look to poor Maruice. Plus, doesn’t he have other more important things to do?????? There must be a way you can “snuggle” him into letting you hire someone????? ha!

  2. I remember the LV suitcase – loved it. Good to hear someone’s renovation went well. Here is one that has even the lawyer scratching her head….I’ve got a contract with a contractor who is now IN A COMA! He has a huge chunk of money (closing in on six figures), and I have: no running water, no toilets or sinks, no showers, no kitchens, no heat or AC, open holes where windows should go, and the wrong tile on four floors. It would be FIVE FLOORS, but they hadn’t done the ground floor yet. On Sept. 28, against my better judgement I paid him the 2nd installment, as he insisted the interior was three weeks from done. I came over from the U.S. to check on the project last week, two days after I found out about his accident. Since Sept., the stairs have been tiled. So I’m learning all about the french legal system, and have learned that COMA is the same in francais as english, and it’s masculine! This was not in the “Worst Case Scenario Handbook”.
    I say return to IKEA (I have experience putting their things together!) and start over! Good luck!

  3. I love the trompe l’oeil coverings — very cool-looking.
    I hate carpentry issues — nobody in my house owns up to having those skills either, it’s so frustrating, isn’t it?

  4. The covering is wonderful! Looks like Goudy or Dali, and so much nicer than a plywood fence with a pedistrian walkway. And the red umbrella in the last shot is a nice contrast.

    I’m for calling an expert to hang the danged bookcase unit – in the end it will make for a happier home. πŸ™‚ Perhaps it can be one of your Christmas gifts to each other, so that the spirit of the season isn’t lost in the agony of a “do it yourself” project.

    My sympathy and best wishes to Judy (above). What a nightmare!

  5. Yes, call someone to come in and do it. I’m sure it will look lovely if someone who knows what they’re doing does it. It’s such a steep learning curve when you don’t do these things on a regular basis that it’s worth the money to have it done by someone who can anticipate the likely problems.

    Neat photos!

  6. That building covering is amazing – I love it!

    If you are really in love with that bookcase/stereo unit, perhaps getting someone who knows what they are doing to install it is the best solution. Otherwise, if it were me, I’d send it back and keep looking…

  7. Your pictures are as marvelous as ever. I checked out your other blog, and those are beautiful as well! I love purple, so scrolling through the lavender pictures was a nice treat.

  8. This is my second post on this subject but I had to share. Yesterday we were in San Francisco and when I glanced across Post St. – Voila! – there enveloping the Prada store was one of these “construction covers.” It was a huge pictorial of an Italian storefront with three arcades, in the deep brownish hues of the old masters – quite beautiful, actually. This must be a new trend.

  9. I just love your blog, and all your adventures and escapades. One of the things I love too, that always comes through loud and clear, is how much in love you and Maurice are. Greatly looking forward to the next installment, Leigh.

  10. I was intrigued to know what these pics were all about but now all is revealed. What an amazing idea. Glad you got to finish your renovations and will look forward to the pics.
    Will also come back and read through your new blog.

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