A nice type of leftover from the past-a hat box for one of those fancy top hats that men once wore.

By leftovers, I don’t mean food. I do have some food not eaten here and there and I often end up throwing it away when we don’t get to it soon enough. I try not to over cook since there are just two of us although it is nice to have something left over for a light lunch.
Anyway, I digress.

The inside of an old trunk, back in the days when you used trunks to travel. God bless the person who thought of putting wheels on suitcases.

No, the type of leftovers I am talking about is what is left from selling our twin beds. We are down to one bedroom now and one bed. When the people came to pickup the beds I was going to offer to sale the duvets, duvet covers, sheets, pillows and dust ruffles. Maurice wouldn’t hear of it. He thought we could use them in Provence. So now we have them all stuffed in a closet or armoir and I’m pretty sure they will never make it down to our place in Provence. They don’t even go with the color scheme there, such as it is. And now, we have eight pillows on our bed where we only had four before. I’ve seen photos of really neat beds with wonderful pillows all color coordinated piled on beds but I’m not too happy with the results on our bed. I am going to keep on eye out for some neat pillow cases. Maybe I can find something at a brocante.

I saw this at a brocante recently. I’d love to get it for one of my grandkids for Christmas.


8 thoughts to “Leftovers”

  1. Things were so much more romantic back then, trunks and metal hat boxes. Now I’m lucky to see my husband in a baseball hat! šŸ™‚ Good luck with the pillow/color conundrum.

  2. Don’t you just love those old trunks? They always evoke the romance of the Grand Tour, dreamy ocean crossings, beautifully dressed people and romantic strangers. Sigh. Much different from the reality of modern travel.

  3. Oh, yes — suitcase wheels — whatever would we do without them!?

    I have to heartily sympathize with your renovation and decoration frustration. Somehow it always seems to be a horizon that stays in the distance. Now why IS that???

  4. Dear Mimi,

    Jackson, your grandkid, here. Feel free to get that cool car for me, since I will be in Europe in February! Holden might want one, better get two. And oh yeah, Micah will need one as well. Make it three.



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