The front of the Gerard Mulot Patisserie with some of the best pastries and candy in Paris. It’s near St Sulpice Church off of St Germain Blvd.

One of the Christmas cakes called Buche de Noel. I’ve noticed that there have been searches for the recipe for it but you will never find it on this blog. I don’t do things that are difficult-I just buy them-but even these are a little too sweet for me.

Here is a tree made of macarons. They are a cookie made with egg whites and almond paste with a ganache between two cookies-heaven.

Another cake-a work of art.

I think these are candied chestnuts. I seldom really eat them whole except for one from a vendor that has roasted them in a metal drum to sale on the streets. There were some chopped up in the dressing of my stuffed turkey from Picard. One time, years ago, I was making a recipe of stuffing that called for chestnuts and I had no idea what they were so I added water chestnuts, the things you put in Chinese food. It wasn’t too bad actually.