Christmas Treats

There is never a lack of things to look at at Christmas and I could have bought all sorts of edible things if I had wanted, especially chocolate. Chocolate is always huge here no matter what time of year, but at Christmas they really go into high gear as it is often a gift to give. I’ve received a huge box myself and had no trouble eating it.

I saw these heart shaped boxes in a new little shop which sold products made the old fashioned way with old recipes. It sold things like candied violets and rose petals. It’s called la Grande Duchesse.

Silver coated licorice. I liked the way they looked and I liked the container but I passed.

Paris is getting into the Christmas spirit.

These little Santas and elves were filled with chocolate which made them tempting to buy.

A friendly young man in Jeff de Bruges selling chocolate.

8 thoughts to “Christmas Treats”

  1. I know your Christmas blog began with a “Bah Humbug” lament on your part. But since then you have brought an incredible taste, spirit and scent of Christmas to so many all over the world. So many comments and such amazement from so many different places, just in these last few days — friends unknown sharing Christmas with you in the world’s most sophisticated metropolis. Hardly the work of a Scrooge; that you so lavishly share the Season and its Beauty with so many!

    I’m certainly looking forward to all your news of celebration in Paris, both now and in the New Year. Your photos and description are, as always, remarkable. Joyeaux Noel et Bonne Annee, Linda!

  2. Yes, my heart and my taste buds miss France! Looking at your beautiful photos makes me feel like I’m right back roaming up and down the streets looking in the windows at all of the mouth-watering delights.

    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday there with a feast of the senses.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  3. Lucky you!! Oh I would have had to buy those silver covered licorice. I don’t even like the stuff, but that is so pretty, I would have had to use it for something! Wonderful!

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