We went to the Saturday market to pick up food for the coming days. As it is the Christmas season, many of the items for sale are seafood. Raw oysters are traditional on Christmas day and Maurice always gets some. I will have one covered in vinagre and chopped shallots along with bread and butter but that’s my limit. There were shrimp that were so freshly caught that they kept walking out of their container. We bought a dozen scallops which were also freshly caught. How do I know this? Because when I was trimming them-they come with these orange little “feet” that I don’t like- they actually moved. This was after they had been cut out of their shell at the market. If I poked one with my knife there was this rolling muscular motion of the whole scallop. It gave me the creeps. The first time it happened I screamed because I’ve never had that happen before. I felt so nervous about that movement everytime they were touched that I had to have Maurice finish the job. All of that didn’t stop me from eating them however. They were very tasty, poor things.

These weren’t alive but already steamed. We got one and had it cut in half to eat on Christmas Eve. Not cheap at 50 Euros for one. They had some alive there with their antenna moving about.

Urchins for sale. I’ve never had one. I suspect that they are rather like oysters.

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