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As you may know, I am involved in a very peripheral way with a cool little accessories line called Lollipops. The designer happens to be my daughter in law so I have nothing whatsoever to do with her genetically, sad to say, but I have gotten to take photos for catalogues of her shoes. Today I got to watch while professionals took photos for publicity. There was a lot of sitting around while things got set up, the light was made right, the model’s hair or makeup attended to, that sort of thing. I wish I were at the level to do that sort of photography but I think it would make me a nervous wreck. In any case, here are some photos I took while watching.

Here is the model being asked what she wants for lunch while the makeup lady puts some makeup on her legs. The makeup artist was interesting to watch. She has that edgy thing going with bleached blonde hair with dark roots, some sort of arm warmers on her arms with her short sleeved Tshirt, big baggy cargo pants with all sorts of pockets loaded with the tools of her trade, and funky hiking boots. She sometimes pulled out some small binoculars to look at the model to see if she needed to retouch the makeup. She also carried a tiny little camping stool to sit on as I’m sure that there must be a lot of down time for her. There was a guy there who did the model’s hair too.

Here is the model. Isn’t she beautiful? She actually isn’t French, but German. I knew this when she came up to me, shook my hand, and said hello. She was very friendly and didn’t have that snooty thing going some beautiful women have.

Here is the model doing her thing.

Here is the photographer-a very nice guy, taking a photo of the model.

The camera is hooked up to a special monitor and a computer so you can look at each photo as you take it and see if you need to increase light, etc. I coveted the lenses being used.

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  1. Loved today’s entry and am sending it to my husband. He has a studio set up on our lower level and does the same thing — setting up the computer so he can instantly see the photos that he takes.

  2. Your close-up shot of the model is really good! Don’t forget that a huge part of the professional process is re-touching. But I like photos that have not been retouched much better. Just do.

  3. Linda, what a rare look for most of us — a behind the scenes photo shot! Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are wonderful and it was a lot of fun reading what was going on. You are correct – the model is beautiful! What a talented talented daughter-in-law you have!

  4. What fun photos. This looked like a great time !!!!! And shoes ! Oh how I adore shoes, but wearing a size 5 is a huge drawback, most places don’t carry small sizes. I’m forever disappointed.

  5. Fun post and thanks for letting us in “behind the scenes”. And someone is taking her lunch order? Oh, to be waited on like that!!! She is a very beautiful young woman.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Thanks again for the new year inspiration. I am passing the good word along and others really like the idea of choosing one word to focus on throughout the year.

    I even changed my website name and look.( You might remember me posting comments before as moronfamily.blogspot whereas now it’s!)

    I am learning to LOVE the desert that is my home. I guess I am a toile lover in a sea of denim but it’s ok!


  7. I hope this comment sticks. They usually don’t. But if it does, I have said this before, Linda I love the glimpse you give us into your life and the French style of things. I appreciate how you write and the way you take your photos.
    This post is fun loving and interesting. I love the equipment, it is amazing how fast and far it has advance in just a few years time.
    What a beautiful model.
    Bravo Lollipop!

  8. Hi Linda, it’s Patty (Dianne’s friend)and I just wanted to tell you that this was great! I loved getting a behind the scenes look and that model is lovely!

  9. In remembering your early pictures months ago you certainly have made this apartment very lovely.
    Mixing 3 different drinks and particularly grape and grain, what were you thinking of!!!!!!!!!!
    There are dozens of lovely gardens in the South and South East of England. You could spend a holiday doing nothing else be visiting them. Lets know if you ever do I’ll tell you where to go.

  10. No, NO , NO I can not believe what I’m readind YOu know Lollipops designer , you are her mother in law.
    I love her creations …
    So great to read that

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