We Did It!

This post is for Sylvette. She is Maurice’s sister and she reads my blog, well mainly she looks at the photos as her English is about like my French. Anyway, the last time I saw her was at her house for a party on January 2nd where I ate and drank way too much. Why do I mix champagne and two kinds of wine and cognac? Don’t you think I would know better by now? Anyway, Sylvette said she wanted to see a photo of our apartment now that the renovation is finished.

This is a view of the living room which was once a bedroom. We finally got the book shelf up after agonizing over how difficult it would be. It turned out to be easy. We didn’t anchor it to the wall as advised but it seems very stable to me. Now I have to find some attractive things to put on the shelves. The ones in the middle top are meant for CD’s. I don’t have any here in Paris as I listen to the radio and our car is in Provence, my main CD listening place. It is nice to have the space for company now in our little apartment.

Here is my cat, Elliot, on the rug that cost more than I thought it did. I like it now that it is in place but man, it sheds more than my cat. Every day I can see little blue fuzz balls all over the place and blue hairs on the floor of my bathroom which is white. I guess it is going to do that for quite a while and, meanwhile, I vacuum just about every day-one of my least favorite things to do, right up there with ironing.

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18 thoughts to “We Did It!”

  1. Turned out beautifully. Lovely that you share it all with us. Elliot looks pleased with the results as well!

  2. It looks great! And I’m impressed that the work guys were done so quickly.

    I have a tuxedo kitty too. Awww, Elliot is so cute.

  3. The room is gorgeous – and a perfect setting for the “pair of chairs across the room”. You have such an amazing eye for color and pulling it all together. Lovely!

  4. I’m with Dianne! It does look great. You must be thrilled with the changes…and Elliot looks extremely pleased. What’s in the space of the former living room? And isn’t the bookshelf experience just a good lesson for all of us: how often we agonize over something that turns out to be simple once we just get on with it…just part of the human condition I guess. I think that’s my word for the year, “action.”

  5. Your home looks inviting and pretty. I was wondering whatever happened with the TV/bookcase combo. It looks great. And, of course, I love Elliot too. Another thing about your new living room that really calls to me is that window. There’s something windows in city apartments that look out and down on life that always fascinates me.

  6. All right, Linda! I love it! Now just come on over and help me out with my Boulder pad, how about it?? Congratulations on a job well done…and no construction horror stories? Amazing!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  7. Looks beautiful and the chairs are really perfect in the room. Congratulations on the renovation (and I hate vacuuming too — seems I do a lot of it here with all hardwood floors and all the damned dust in Paris).

  8. What a cool cat you have !

    I think those shedding rugs do eventually stop the pesky behavior.

    What a comfortable and inviting room you’ve created, I’ll be right over !!!!

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