Winter Windows

Whenever I am in the neighborhood, I always go and look at the window displays at Mariage Freres, the famous tea shop. They always do such a good job.

This is a little music box that holds your tea. It plays music from the opera, Madame Butterfly when you open it.

Isn’t this lovely? I loved the glass teapot on top of the larger container. So elegant.

Snowflakes inside teacups. I wonder if they sold them as ornaments. I forgot to look.

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9 thoughts to “Winter Windows”

  1. Just want to let you know I’m enjoying your new blog. I’ve been trying to leave comments (my screen on Blogger sites is in Japanese, which I can’t read) but nothing “takes”. I’ll get it figured out, but wanted to let you know I’m enjoying that site too.

  2. If I ever come to Paris I just know that it’s little things like this tea holder playing madame butterfly that will most definitely be coming home in my suitcase.

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