Streets of the Left Bank

A few photos I took while wandering around the Left Bank with someone else who likes taking photos.

I love the doors, windows and iron work that are everywhere in Paris.

There are many secret passageways and courtyards in the area. This is one of my favorites.

A little address sign within the courtyard which I think is charming.

Of course, a walk in Paris isn’t complete without seeing a dog somewhere. Happily, this dog was only peeing. Note that there isn’t a leash. I’m always mystified as to how people can train their dogs to stay with them. Mine were always off like the wind the first chance they got or pulling me behind them if I had them on a leash coughing and choking all the way.

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9 thoughts to “Streets of the Left Bank”

  1. I am also amazed at how well-behaved dogs are in Europe. Makes me wonder if the owners are really hard on the dogs when they’re puppies, though. Either that or they are all using Dog Whisperer techniques to manage their dogs?

  2. My dog, Fifi, always remained by my side when we walked outside. She rarely strayed from my side. Of course, she was a tiny little thing…a scottish terrier/poodle mix.

    Paris is so much cleaner than Montpellier, dog-wise. I love that!

  3. Pretty — I especially like the 3.bis photo!

    My dogs grew up in the open-range desert so they were not at all good at staying next to me in town, even with leashes. They also wanted to greet practically every person they saw, and that is something city dogs have to get over, too! My dogs were “country yokels”, you could say. 🙂

  4. Thank you! I hope you do more wandering around the Left Bank and elsewhere and post the photos. You could do a “postcards from Paris” thing like Merisi does of Vienna! Well, that would be nice for us, but maybe not convenient for you! But in any case, I’m grateful for all of the little peeks you offer into your part of the world…

    That dog is also evidently well trained to pee in the gutter and not on the sidewalk!

  5. Great photos. Yes, a well-trained dog to use the gutter. Don’t Parisians have a problem with dog crap? Are they required to pick up after their dogs, but don’t?

  6. I love that you post pix of Paris… In the movie “The Namesake” they talk about how books are so that you can travel the world without ever moving an inch. I personally would MUCH rather be there myself but books & pix, like in your blog, help whisk me away. 🙂

  7. The photos in these pics are so beautiful. I love that blue color on the door.

    Mabel would be off like a shot if I didnt put her on a leash. One duck by the lake and it’s all over.

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