Studies In Gray

On a mostly day gray day, I took these photos:

Aren’t these benches great. They are sculpted open books in a little park behind the Institute de France on the Left Bank. They represent all of the intellectual life that was once a huge part of the bohemian life here.

She’s in the same park.

Cross the Pont des Arts in front of the Institue de France, and there you are at the Louvre. Gray sky, gray fountain, grayish water.

A look at three triangular shapes inside a walkway at the Louvre.

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13 thoughts to “Studies In Gray”

  1. Interesting benches. Are they made of stone? I really like the last two shots of the Louvre with its glass pyramid and especially the last one with the 3 triangular shapes. You have a great eye for detail and unusual shots. I kind of like the gray mood.

  2. The benches are unique – I love them. When I first looked at the photo I thought they looked vaguely Egyptian – like flying creatures with little mouths. Wrong! Now how could such a book lover not recognize books immediately!? And even the pedestals are books. Darn – we were in front of the Institute of France several times in Oct. and didn’t know about the park. (I like all of the grey photos.)

  3. Love the book benches like everyone here, there are so many unexpected things around Paris (a wonderful city). Thanks for visiting and commenting on my journal.

  4. My granddaughter (11) and I love these pics. She immediately started reminiscing about her visit to the Louvre in 2006, and how her art teacher was amazed when she told her all about it and other art museums we visited – including Monet’s Waterlilies at L’Orangerie, which luckily had just reopened after the huge renovation, before our arrival!

    Oh yes, would love to see you in Provence if I get back this year – what a treat that would be. Can you persuade my dh to buy us a place there! I want to live near my brother and family for the years remaining!!

    Thanks Linda for sharing so much of Paris too – the city is so amazing, I always feel sorry or anyone who has been unable to visit and share it’s beauty – including those benches, now those I want for my garden!!!!

  5. I absolutely love your blog! As I spend time across the pond yearning to be back in France, I simply visit your blog and get my French fix! Merci beaucoup! Jennifer

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