Palais Royal

Across Rue de Rivoli leaving the Louvre Museum, is the lovely Palais Royal. I go there all of the time which you will already know if you have been reading this blog for any length of time. At Christmas they put a Christmas tree(undecorated) on every column of the covered passage ways and roll out a red carpet.

I’ve taken so many photos of the fountains there. These silver balls always reflect the columns of the Palais Royal and the balls themselves. Very Christmassy. One of these days I’m going to buy a blow up Santa Claus and situate him so he is reflected in these balls and use the photo for a Christmas card.

There is the typical round fountain in the gardens of the Palais Royal and there are often modern sculptures placed here and there, different every month or so. This artist did groups of people he called Waiting and he also stuck a few of the upper torsos in the pond.

They lock up the Palais Royal at night by closing these gold topped gates. Pretty elegant place.

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12 thoughts to “Palais Royal”

  1. Those reflections are quite something and the long line of Christmas trees must have looked quite stunning. Just caught up on the rest of your recent posts and beautiful photos.

  2. Your photos of the past few days are just wonderful. I’ve been away from my computer and have really enjoyed getting caught up with you……………

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Do you know we haven’t even visited the Palais Royal yet? We moved here in November but sadly have had very little time here since. So much to see and do now that we are fixed here though.

  4. I love seeing Paris vicariously through your blog! This is a wonderful place and I love all the photos. I am especially intrigued by the statue in the fountain – what a cool idea!

  5. Linda – I knew there must be dozens of quiet spots in this wonderful city…. where beauty still surrounds without the tourist crowds! See, one has to live in a place to really know it.
    Thanks for sharing so that perhaps we can find some of these special corners next visit.

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