Obscure Corners and Fountains

Here and there around Paris are hidden corners and fountains that are easy to miss if you don’t get off the main streets. Here are two that look much better in the summer when the water is running.

A fountain, not running in the winter, in a small park by the Biblioteque Nationale. Each of the women represent a river in France.

A chubby little cherub also on the same fountain.

I believe this is Moliere who has his own fountain in a hidden corner near the Louvre.

Isn’t this funny? Someone stuck a wine bottle into the mouth of a lion on the Moliere fountain.

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7 thoughts to “Obscure Corners and Fountains”

  1. Hi Linda,
    I just adore fountains. We have a big one here in the yard with 3 lions heads around it that shoot the water out. One day I hope and wish to visit France. So much beauty and history to see.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. I love that first one – with the women who represent the rivers. What a great idea! And the lion looks like he dares someone to remove that bottle!

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