Straight Lines And Curves

The lobby of the Louvre as well as the mall area have some interesting architecture.

You can walk down this twisting staircase or, if you have a wheelchair or baby stroller, take this tubular elevator down to the floor of the lobby of the Louvre.

Isn’t this curve great?

The inverted pyramid right past in underground shopping area is always a hit with children. This is where, in The Da Vinci Code, the books ends.

Leaving the Louvre Museum, you can walk into the Tuileries Garden which is full of statues. Someone put a rose in the hand of this one.

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7 thoughts to “Straight Lines And Curves”

  1. We really enjoyed our tour of the Louvre itself and of the pyramid entrance. It’s quite interesting looking through the glass and taking pictures as well as from outside.

    You always capture the interesting angles. Great photos, Linda.

  2. I love these photos – such interesting lines! Also all those beautiful fountains in your previous post. And the moments of whimsy – a rose in a statue’s hand, and a wine bottle in a lion’s mouth!

  3. Beautiful! I always loved my visits to the Lourve. After my first few visits I knew right where my favorites were and then I could go straight to my favorites. I love sitting in the hall where the Botticelli’s are located!

    And the person who placed the rose in the statues hand – what a romantic soul.

    As always, great photos and post!

  4. Just found your blog this past weekend (found my way here via Laurelines) and really enjoyed reading about your remodeling of the Paris apt. and then the building in Provence….reminded me of a female version of a Year In Provence! Great photos and commentary.
    Love your photos and postings, so I’ll add you to my list of Favorites so I can visit here often. As a confirmed Francophile, I always enjoy anything to do with France.

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