Windows That Charm

A few more shots of windows around Paris that I found interesting.

I’ve taken photos of the shop near Place Vendome selling Joy perfume which was once the most expensive perfume in the world although I’m not sure if that is still the case. Anyway, I stood there a minute wondering why the EN was behind the word Joy on the label before I had a “ding” and figured out that it means, “Enjoy”. Now I get it.

Isn’t the Russian shape pleasing? I’m not sure what these are but I like them.

On to the Hermes store. They always have fabulous windows. I sort of want this purse with the giant H on it. Did you know that Hermes began as a maker of hand sewn saddles? They still sell them in the store. At one time their scarves were all sort of “horsey” for the people who rode them and, I assume, bought their saddles. Now they have a line of clothing as well and I love their perfumes, especially Faubourg 24.

Look at this “cake”? Isn’t it charming? And notice the ballet shoes hanging above it. Isn’t the whole window just so girlie?

15 thoughts to “Windows That Charm”

  1. I’ve always been captivated with the store windows of Paris.
    I had a bottle of Joy years ago and did love that scent. Maybe I need to get another one when I’m there in May.
    And how clever about the “EN” on the bottle…I never would have guessed that. Great photos!

  2. Love that cake. Imagine what a special little girl would get something like that !!! Wow!

    What a great day, taking pictures of beautiful cakes and perfumes !!

  3. I have a little request…since I miss France soooo much…the next time that you are wandering the streets on a weekend morning, please take pictures of the outdoor market. I just love the collection of people, fresh food, and the beautiful back drop of Paris. Until I return, I must live vicariously through you…LOL

  4. Oh, very pretty and girlie — perfect for my bored cabin-fever mood today!
    I agree, Hermes perfumes are wonderful. Also love their enameled bracelets and looking at their men’s ties.

  5. The home of sophistication, definitely. OH! those colours and the elegant simplicity of display. As noted, even the food markets, also quintessential France, are equally lovely and distinct in their own way. The artistry of arrangement and presentation are a French forte, no doubt.

  6. The EN on the bottle of Joy is an interesting addition. I had some, bought in Paris years ago when it was relatively new, and the bottle just said JOY. Wonderful pictures, but I’m afraid the Hermes bag looked at first glance like a padlock. Maybe a place to lock away one’s money?

  7. Thank you so much for your pictures of Paris that you post so frequently – they make my day. My first trip was this past August and I was enchanted by the shops. I bought the Hermes scent Kelly Caleche and everytime I wear it I think of the charming people and walking along the Faubourg St. Honore!

  8. I LOVE THAT CAKE!! Only if I got one, I’d probably not cut but put it under a glass dome to admire for as long as possible. Haha!

    If you google “most expensive perfume in the world”, you’ll get one Clive Christian. Never heard of this brand but it’s $735ml for a 50ml bottle!!! I’m quite happy with my pink Narciso Rodriguez For Her Eau De Parfum, thank you.

  9. My brother, the equestrian (polo), love Hermes. He once bought me a silk scarf for a birthday. I treasure it. Shoot, just give me the cake! lol

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