My Neighborhood 2

Continuing on in my neighborhood:

If you go out the door of my apartment and turn left, this is the scene you see. It is a much busier street and if you look closely, across that street, is a store called, in English, 8 to 8. It’s sort of like a 7-11 and I often rush over to get something I forgot to pick up at the grocery store. To the left, at the corner, is the boulangerie where Maurice gets bread once a day. When I first moved here, the baker had floor delievered from a truck, via a hose, down to his basement and there would be a fine mist of flour floating in the air. The owner has since changed and he gets his flour delievered in large bags now. Maurice has noticed a change in the taste and texture of the bread recently and wonders what is going on. Will there be a new owner soon? We will see.

This is the view from our bedroom window when the marathon went past last year.

If we cross the street and then turn right, we hit a more posh neighborhood called St Mande. We go this way if we missed the Saturday market at Nation for the Sunday market there. They have a nice garden in front of the mairie with nice flowers planted all of the time.

A monument there dedicated to those who died in WWI. One is found in every town and village in France. An unbelievable number of lives were lost then.

If you continue on past St Mande you arrive at the Bois de Vincennes, which is a forest and park where Maurice likes to jog. In fact, this is why he bought the apartment where we live, so he could be in a park to run. There is a chateau there and the first Sunday of every month a car club meets in the front. There is also a Parc Floral which is great to walk through in the spring and summer to see the flowers and bushes.

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6 thoughts to “My Neighborhood 2”

  1. I seem to have quite a passion for statues here in France and that monument to WWI is just beautiful, the way you photographed it with the fading light as well is really nice….

  2. What a fascinating area! (Of course, much of Paris is very interesting!)

    Your photos are always wonderful!

    I have a couple questions.

    1) You mentioned that Maurice likes to jog in the Bois de Vincennes. In your experience, how typical is jogging for the French people (as compared with expats)?

    2) Does the boulangerie you use ever have whole wheat bread?

  3. I love your neighborhood. It’s so….French!
    I’ve been to Bois de Vincennes. Isn’t there a bandstand there and in the warmer weather they have classical concerts? I’m pretty sure that’s where it was that we heard one. A lovely place to walk through.

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