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I recently read a list of sayings all starting with, “You know you’re in Texas when…”, such as “You know you’re in Texas when you have once worn a parka and shorts at the same time”–which is so true. I’ve done that. The weather changes really quickly there. I think I could do a list called, “You know you’re getting old when…” I really felt my age this weekend when we went to a dinner at the home of one of Maurice’s relatives. Everyone there was young with Maurice and I at the very end of the age spectrum. We arrived at 8:30 which to me is really late, sat and had drinks and some munchies. The TV was on the whole time set to some MTV type station with all of the music I’m not fond of, mostly rap, both French and American. I can tell I’m getting old because I couldn’t believe how the women were dressed in the videos. Anyway, I digress. Let’s just say that the music played all night and then, after a couple of hours, it all repeated again, so I didn’t even get fresh rap (which rhymes with crap, come to think of it).

We were waiting for the sister of the hostess to arrive. She finally walked in at 10:30 and said, “You didn’t start eating? You were waiting for me?” Sigh. We finally sat down to a very good meal at 11 PM. Now, this is the time I am usually in bed so the part of my brain that handles fast French conversation going on around a table had pretty much gone to bed itself. Anyway, Maurice and I didn’t get to bed until almost 3 AM. I was dropping around all day and couldn’t even relax because Maurice had invited eight (8!!) people to dinner. We don’t have a table that sits ten people. Luckily, one of them couldn’t come and we managed to squeeze around our table. I had planned on serving everything buffet style with a few people having to sit on the couch with plates on their knees but Maurice decided we could make it and we did, somehow.

Maurice made a really good beef burgundy and we had potatoes with that and a salad and cheese and I made an American Apple pie which everyone liked but Maurice’s son who doesn’t like cinnamon. I just can’t make apple desserts without cinnamon-they just go together in my mind. As an appetizer, I made a hot artichoke dip which I was really disappointed in. For some reason, it just didn’t come out the texture I wanted, but it was scarfed down so I guess it was ok. And, the best part, we got in bed by midnight.

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  1. Having the tv on during a dinner party? That’s really strange to me! Maybe they didn’t have a stereo? I really hate rap and hip hop and pop music of today. It really is ‘sex sells’ rather than good music.

  2. I lived in TX for a couple of years when I was a teenager and I’ll never forget the first time I saw my friends’ father mowing his lawn in shorts and cowboy boots.

  3. I guess it’s the age thing – I can’t imagine dinner starting at 11:00 pm. I noticed on our last visit that in many restaurants if we reserved even for 7:00 pm there were few other diners. By the time we finished at say 8:30 places were filling up. Guess it’s the custom in Europe, but my bed beckons by 10:30.

    The dinner you and Maurice made sounds lovely; let’s hear it for the cinnamon!

  4. That is very late to be eating dinner, the hostess should of said start without her sister, I would of done, especially if you had been waiting hours!! How annoying.

    I would like to know what you call “old”

  5. I just couldn’t get myself wrapped around an evening that STARTS at 8:30, and doesn’t get the meal on until 11. Sounds like you got things going at a good pace at your house, though!

    I like the slant in the photo . . .

  6. Yikes, what a weekend! I’m used to the 8:30/9:00 beginning dinner hour when we go to France now, but 11 is beyond the pale! Since I get up at 5am, I would really find it penible to get to bed at 3am! Glad you survived both nights and now, on to Monday for some well-deserved rest ;D!

  7. My word. And somewhere in there I believe you were very kindly showing a young man I know around Paris on foot! In fact, I now have that lovely picture you took of him grinning away. How on EARTH do you do it? I’d be flat on my face. And I don’t consider myself old, just “older” than I used to be!

  8. Nights in Paris… wonderful. In complete contrast, this weekend I went winter camping with friends (in northern Michigan). We have not done this in 5 years. At which point we would eat big, stay up late and consume to much drink (not good when it’s below freezing). This weekend I prepared filet mignon, french cut beans (is there really such a thing?) and Vermont sharp cheddar. All on a camp stove. Not at all like your meal but unlike previous outings, I has slipped under my stack of sleeping bags by 9:30… and that felt late. I just can’t pull it off like I used to! It was incredibly peaceful however. Laying there, hearing the snow fall on the tent then when the weight became to much, it would break loose and avalanche off and land with a soft “poof” right beside my head on the other side of the thin nylon tent wall.

  9. Don’t worry, I’m still “young” and I’m sick of rap crap. Plus eating after 7 interferes with my bedtime. Nice blog, I check it often.

  10. I think we come into your age group LOL and I certainly would have to ask that the (c)rap be turned down to a minimum or off whilst eating. Youngsters here don’t seem to do ‘background music’ to suit everyone.

  11. I would have passed out if I had to wait so long for dinner. Yikes.

    Late nights just don’t do it for me either.

    I’d say you were a good sport.

    The dinner sounded very nice.

  12. I remember the first time I had what seemed to be an all-night-long French dinner. It started at 9pm (aperitifs & some munchies on the table). Tne real dinner didn’t start ’til about 11pm and ended close to 2am. I loved it! But that was 10 years ago. Would I want to relive that today? Absolutely not. LOL. Age DOES take a toll on you.

  13. I would want to go hide in a very quiet peaceful place after two days in a row like that! I hope you are relaxing now…

    Your dinner does sound scrumptious – a homemade apple pie is the best – with cinnamon of course.

  14. I hear you! My husband works with people that have late late dinner parties. I got to bed by 9:30, so I usually end up dozing in my entree. 🙂 Your dinner menu sounds like it was delicious, and I have to have cinnamon with my apples too. How else could you do it?

  15. When we’re in Paris we have a totally different lifestyle than here on the island. I’m in bed here between 10 and 11 and up around 7. In Paris, most nights we don’t even eat dinner till around 8:30, so that makes for a much longer night.
    So I compensate by trying to sleep a bit later when in Paris.
    Your dinner sounded wonderful at your house, but poor you! Hope you caught up on some much needed rest.

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