Something Different in the Marais

I love the Marais. It is an area in Paris full of architectural treasures and fabulous shopping. There is always something unexpected too.

The symbol of Paris is the boat. This is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. It’s on the gate at one side of the Carnavalet, a museum in the Marais featuring the history of Paris.

This lady was in a window of a shop that usually sells photos. I’m not sure why she’s there but she caught my eye. (PS-Nancy, can you see your son in the reflection?)

I think I would like one of these in my garden. Shaped like twisting wood but made of metal.

I hope you put a muffler on your rain drain too. I think this is some sort of conceptual art as I saw some more knitted things inside the Village St Paul.

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12 thoughts to “Something Different in the Marais”

  1. I saw that love seat during a walking tour of the Saint Paul neighborhood last spring. I think they used to call benches like that, “Courting Chairs” because the man and woman were separated by the dividing “arm” of the bench, and they had to sit facing in opposite directions so it made everything “proper”.

  2. Oh yes Linda — there he is! Thanks a lot for that treat and for showing Dan and friend around the town on Saturday. They had a lovely time and he was honored to meet you, the authoress of this wonderful photo-novel of Paris. We really enjoy the picture you sent o him in front of that beautiful concrete framework of a stained glass window as well. Don’t know much about the Marais, it doesn’t seem as much advertised as other sites of interest, but from what you’ve shown it seems to have one stunning and unique Art piece or artifact after another. And these are particularly special with our son reflected in such a timelessly beautiful place. Many many thanks to you for that — especially as we now know you were also coping with the Paris Party Scene last weekend!

  3. Love the photo with the statue. Really awesome with the reflection of the male just behind her….creative photography!
    I saw those knitted things on somebody elses Paris blog, but I think they were on the metal sidewalk posts. Wonder what they represent….

  4. I don’t know why I continue to read your blog, as it only makes me wish that I was in France even more! I too love the Marais. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you! LOL : )

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