On A Nautical Theme

There is a store on the Left Bank near Rue du Buci which only sells antiques that are related to the nautical theme. There is always something fascinating to me in the windows there. I wonder if I was a sailor in some past life? I do have a restless spirit and I love to explore. Was I there next to Columbus, maybe scrubbing the decks?

I love this globe and wonder how it was used. The whole world on a globe the size of a baseball. I’d love to go in and look at it and see what countries are on it. And look at that little bracelet of skulls, probably made of ivory. What could be the story behind that?

These preserved fish fascinate me. I wonder what they are kept in to keep them from rotting away.

Sideroads of Europe

10 thoughts to “On A Nautical Theme”

  1. How interesting. Maybe you were a pirate !!! Now *that* sounds like an adventure !!

    Speaking of nautical themes….have you read Ahab’s Wife? A friend of mine recommended it and I found it to be a fascinating story. Talk about a gutsy woman.

  2. Have you ever read my past life regression experience in my journal, I lived in France? Maybe you should have something similar and find if there is anything in your sailor thoughts from a past life.

  3. Linda. Hmmm — now I’m very glad I tagged you for “The 7 weird things about me” meme (see my most recent post at fp). 🙂

  4. Hi Linda,
    Just discovered your blog through fleur. It’s really charming. I also really like how you have a mini description of your links. Anyway, I am adding you to my blogroll as my blogfriends need to discover you too!
    Lisa & Alfie!

  5. Those are fascinating items…especially that skull bracelet! Your post reminds me of that Noel Brazil song, Columbus, wonderfully sung by Mary Black on her No Frontiers album…have you heard it?

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