A Mix

This may be mosaic, but it is also grafitti. I’ve seen this cow several places around Paris as well as a Pac Man and one that is just sort of abstract. I am guessing that they made it at home and then, late one night, came and plastered it to a wall.


Aren’t these cute? Little models with their clothing made of all sorts of seeds. They are antiques in a shop that I never enter. I just look in the window.

This is the famous obelisk in St Sulpice Church now heavily visited thanks to the book, The Da Vinci Code. I’ve always had trouble getting a good photo as the church is dark but on this day the sun was shining right on it.

I was tagged by Fleur at Frangible Pie to write seven weird things about myself. I’m really bad at that sort of thing, mainly because I’m really very ordinary. I think the more interesting a person you are, the more weird things you might possible do. I made a list once before a while ago so I’m sure these will be repeats. So, let’s see…

I once read a book while driving 100 miles on a highway between Tucson and Phoenix due to the shear boredom of the drive. The road only curves twice the whole way.

I am a very impatient driver who used to speed like crazy and had to break the habit which took me forever. I think breaking the smoking habit wouldn’t be as hard, at least not for me.

I love photography but the doing of it came to me late really, when I moved to Paris and got a digital camera. The only time I feel artistic is when I am taking photos.

I do not have that creative gene for crafts or decorating. I love looking at decorating magazines and blogs of creative people but none of it ever transfers.

I often will watch the Fashion Network. The models and the clothing fascinate me but I am the least fashionable person perhaps in all of France. I think part of it is that I am cheap and don’t buy the good stuff that looks great.

I would rather travel than buy expensive clothing. Is that weird? I don’t think so. Normal for me.

I moved to France with my husband without giving it much thought. It was just an adventure. Now I’m feeling guilty about missing seeing my grandchildren as much as I feel like I should. I don’t know if that is weird either, just different as life took me on this path.

And finally, in this grab bag of a posting, I was “awarded” this:


by the interesting blog of Tea With Mrs. Fox
I’m supposed to nominate others but I haven’t the time today. I think all of the blogs I read are excellent in many different ways. Anyway, thank you for the award.

Sideroads of Europe

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  1. I would MUCH rather travel than buy expensive clothes too!! I once tried to convince a friend to save up money for a ticket to Europe with me and when I told her how much it would cost she gasped. I told her to look at it as 4 pants, 3 sweaters and 2 pairs of jeans. That’s all she’d have to give up. Our priorities were SOOO different! And I’d beg to differ on your so called lack of creativity. Your pictures are wonderful!

  2. I think you have an absolute genius for artistic observation, for noticing and creatively highlighting what others might simply miss, or certainly not know how to describe as excitingly as you do. Your descriptions are unerringly captivating and I read your blog absolutely every day. Second on Mrs. Fox’s award to your online adventures.

  3. I don’t tend to buy expensive clothes either. Too many other things get my priority.

    I have a hard time believing you are not creative !!! I really enjoy your photos. You are a good writer. It looks to me like you can throw a pretty good cabana party. Funny, we never see ourselves as others do.

    I for one, look forward to your posts, every single day.

  4. Thank you, Linda, for doing the meme, I really appreciate it and I owe you one.
    Reading the book while driving is definitely weird but also quite a feat!You could have become an astronaut with those skills!
    I am so with you on the clothes vs. travel. I would probably gladly do all my clothes-shopping at Monoprix in order to have the $ to go places. And there’s H&M.
    When your son moves to Europe, hopefully that will ease some of the family pangs.

  5. P.S. From your photography and the photos of your house it’s clear that you are not lacking any creative or decorating skills!!!

  6. Linda – you are creative. Perhaps not your definition of creative, but then perhaps you just need to expand your definition? I am always delighted to see your photographs – they are beautiful. The things you tell us about them, that’s great too. Antique dolls with clothes of seeds? Wow. Of you photos today I especially like the church interior. I know how hard it is to get good light in those old churches! Take care, and keep being creative!

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