It’s Almost Here!!

Look at what I spotted yesterday in the park! It gives me hope that Spring is on its way.

We woke up to a gorgeous blue sky and Maurice decided to jog so I rented one of those bikes now for rent all over Paris and set out too. It was a little chilly but because the sun was shining it was a joy to be outside.

Maurice took this photo of me. I look like I’m talking because I was. He always takes a photo, and then keeps pressing the shutter button so I end up with 5 or 6 bad photos of me. First I’m smiling, then my smile is getting stiff, the third photo you see me looking irritated and finally I am striding towards him to take the camera out of his hands. Look at the warm up suit I am wearing. I think I bought this one sometime in the 80’s when wildly, brightly colors were worn by tennis players everywhere. I got lots of looks as people passed by. They were either thinking, “Wow, what great colors!” or “What the hell is she wearing?” I’m thinking the latter.

We headed towards the Bois de Vincennes which is criss-crossed with jogging paths, bike circles and horse trails.

Here is a look at one of the jogging paths. I moved here to Paris a few months after that huge storm when a high wind blew down thousands of trees all over France. There were trees and logs lying all over this park for several years. They finally got it all cleaned up.

In one section of the park they were doing bridal photos.

Then we went back home and, man, are my knees killing me. I am really out of shape.

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13 thoughts to “It’s Almost Here!!”

  1. Hi Linda – taking a few mins. to catch up on your recent great posts – you are so funny!! Loved the late dinner story – you are so honest! You looked just fine in the red suit – I suggest you wear it again on Feb. 14, ha! ha!
    At least you were out there exercising, all I’m doing is bending and stretching as I clean up after the painters, wash the woodwork etc. Today I’ll start painting the furniture in my guest room, that’s exercise too I guess – hopefully turn it into something much nicer than before!

    Wish I could go with you to those Paris shops and the flea markets – wish I lived there actually!!

    Keep sending us great Paris stories – love the pics too of course.
    Hugs – Mary.

  2. I think you look great in your outfit, but being Paris, my guess is the same as yours as to what people might have been thinking! (Smile)

    Oh how I’d love to go walking around your city! Thank you for continuing to take us along with you.

  3. Yup….you’re probably right about those colors…lol
    Hey…break down and be tres chic….go buy yourself a nice black outfit!
    Those bikes are really something and such a clever idea.
    And glad to see spring might be on the way.

  4. We’ve had daffodils, jonquils, snow drops and our copper beech is blooming in Brittany! A total surprise for February 1. We planted a small orchard [twelve trees] last Fall, and they look ready to bud soon as well. I’ve been worried that the frost may damage all these beautiful flowers but those who’ve been here longer say that, despite early flowering, the plants and trees will adjust. It is so uplifting. Seems we’ve had little real Winter over here. But then we had nearly no Summer either. Wonder what Season comes next?

  5. You don’t know how jealous that makes me! Arggh! We won’t see spring until the beginning of May. 🙁
    You look great and those bright colors are very uplifting. I always love seeing people wear color — that black and gray stuff gets a little depressing.

  6. I cannot believe that some flowers are already in bloom !
    And YES I would wonder about that red track suit even though you look good in it.
    Actually you look better in the suit than on the velib!

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