As in the States, I am starting to see windows decorated around Paris in the Valentine’s Day theme.

Doves are always considered romantic and here are two live ones in the window of a flower shop. They didn’t seem too freaked out by people looking in at them.

This heart hung in the same window. I wonder if the window decorator had hopes of the doves sitting inside it together?

I would love to receive some chocolate covered cherries for Valentine’s Day but these will do just fine. Would you believe they came all the way from Chili to a Paris market? They were crisp and tasty but, as you might expect, nothing compares to the ones I have in Provence right off the tree. Can’t wait for those again this summer.

Sideroads of Europe

10 thoughts to “Love”

  1. Ah I love your blog
    I have been sick, so spending all day on the internet searching for flights and accommodation for us to go to Paris…one of these fine days.
    its my dream.
    Told my hubby when he got home from work and he seems v keen, too.
    Yipppeee, hope it happens for us soon

  2. What could be better? Paris in February… nothing could top that kind of Valentine’s celebration. Someday… for now I’ll have to settle for the suburbs and Kroger brand chocolate covered cherries. šŸ™‚

  3. White doves and red cherries – the Valentine’s Day colors…

    I envy you your Provence cherries right off the tree, a luxury I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing! There are no cherry trees where I live – it’s a favorite fruit of mine.

  4. Wow – do you think the white heart is made from discarded dove feathers? Probably not… Beautiful photographs! And I agree about the cherries — NOTHING beats them fresh off the tree. Yum……

  5. Ah, love is in the air in Paris. Very appropriate, since it’s the most romantic city in the world. (in my opinion)
    Love your photos and that would be neat to see those gorgeous doves inside that heart.

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