I Heart Paris

A few more windows to get your heart ready for Valentine’s Day

This butterfly is in the window of a flower shop said to be the most expensive in Paris.

This is for sale at the little shop whose card you can see. She sells very unusual placemats, some in the shapes of flowers.

I’m not sure what these little figures are for but aren’t they darling?

Aren’t these sweet? I rather like those two rabbits.

Two hearts in the Bacarat window

Sideroads of Europe

13 thoughts to “I Heart Paris”

  1. Thanks for giving me even more reason to be in the mood for V-day… especially since it’s the first time in like 12 years I’ve had an amour to celebrate the occasion with! (And now it looks like I’ve got a date for Valentine’s Day for LIFE.)

  2. Such beautiful displays. We don’t get that here in the land of Mickey Mouse.
    I think my favorite photo is the one of the shop that sells flower placemats, because there is a reflection of you in the window!

  3. Those hearts are lovely. And the girls are charming. Are they suspended from line? I can’t tell in the photo. Garden girls waiting for Spring.

  4. I have to say…Paris really outdoes itself with their beautiful window presentations, no matter the season.
    Love the Bacarat one! What a great shop that is….to browse through….lol

  5. Too funny! The pictures with the red heeled stand with red fur is something I have in my boutique across the pond! I love the thought that a boutique in France would find it equally as fabulous as me! I heart France!

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