I Heart Paris Again

More Valentine’s Day Windows

The Laduree Tea Shop always has fabulous windows. I wouldn’t mind having this bag or that candle if I had any thing at all pink in my place, which I don’t.

Aren’t these boxes sweet? I wonder if these are heart shaped macarons?

An interesting shop selling caviar. I don’t know if I’d want one of these for Valentine’s Day but I like the lid.

Aren’t these a pretty color? They are in an interesting Japanese tea shop. I’ve never been inside but these tempt me to try it.

La Madaleine church set in the middle of a circle of very interesting high end shops.

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12 thoughts to “I Heart Paris Again”

  1. That first window is perfection! I don’t know how you resist the temptation to shop. I’m afraid I’d just walk in and say, “Give me one of everything.”

  2. Just found your site today….so must ask a couple of questions – how long have you lived in Paris? Are you an American? I hope these aren’t too personal. I’ve been to Paris many times but my younger sister is going the first time in 18, no 17 days and we/she/me or obsessed with all things France and particularly Paris. I’ll send her over here to view and was just curious about your Paris “existence.”

    My sister is at:http://diamondsintheskywithlucy.blogspot.com and at http://lucycreates.blogspot.com


  3. Oh, dear Linda, I heart Paris too! I am so happy to see in the windows VICAR-iously with your photographs. Please take another one of those red shoes next to the rabbits…I heart them too!! I do love shoes!!

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  4. My first time staying in Paris (as adult, anyway) was the week before we got married and we had decided to make a quick bolt for it before the wedding and we ended up in a hotel behind La Madeleine, and, of course, a two minute walk from Laduree! We’re diagonally right across the city from there now, alas, and it’s a bit of a hike there and back, only avoidable if one has the strength to take on Chatelet le Hell. Bah.

  5. Yes, let’d hear it for the women with NO pink in their homes or their wardrobes. Despise it and always have. Still very much a romantic though and love Valentines Day, but please makes the hearts RED if at all possible, with white lace of course. Or better yet, just stick to a big heart full of chocolate!

  6. I love pink and am not ashamed to admit it. However, it can be hard to fit into a lot of color schemes or scenarios.
    The Japanese tea place looks so alluring — I dare you to go in.

  7. Oh, what pretty colors of everything! I especially love that first window.
    I love browsing around Madeleine. Great shops and even greater prices…lol

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