As you might expect, while we were in Colorado there was snow. Not just a little snow but lots-many of layers of heavy snow. You could actually see the different layers on roofs like the layers of rock, looking like folded linen as a friend said. The skiing was some of the best in years. We visited two places-Vail and Aspen. I loved the town of Aspen, totally new to me. While there, we visited the memorial park to John Denver who lived here.

The sanctuary is very simple, rather like his songs. I bought one of his CD’s while there, a complilation of his greatest hits. It was nice to listen to while in Aspen.

Verses from some of his best known songs were carved into simple boulders.

As you might expect, there are Aspen trees every where.

This old tombstone in a nearby cemetery gives you an idea of the amount of snow there was there. Alot of it was rounded like this.

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7 thoughts to “Snow”

  1. Oh Linda-beautiful pictures. Really loved John Denver’s music. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s what our snow looks like — we have big layers here too — but today we’re getting rain so it’s finally compressing (not melting — ha — won’t be gone till first week of May). It must be fun to visit it and not have to live with it!!

  3. Tragically, John Denver died a very short distance from my house when the private, experimental aircraft he was piloting plunged into Monterey Bay. He loved this area and came here often. Periodically, a memorial ceremony for him is held beside the sea, although the planned permanent marker hasn’t yet come to fruition. However, I think that his best memorial is his music.

  4. Here in NE Ohio we have snow on top of ice on top of mud. Lots of downed branches from last night’s ice storm. We are thankful we didn’t lose power.
    Good to have found you!

  5. I was born and raised in Colorado. A beautiful place to grow up but things sure have changed ! My son and his family still live there so I make many trips from New Mexico to Colorado to spend time with them.

    It is fun to see your photos of snow but I sure don’t miss it. The first year we lived just outside of Telluride we had over five feet of snow on the ground from November through April. It was quite a challenge, but Telluride is a unique experience and if you ever feel like some *really* great skiing with no lift lines, Telluride is the place to go.

    Sounds like you had a nice trip and it makes me a bit homesick for those years growing up when it truly was the “Rocky Mountain High”.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. OH, I don’t miss that snow at all! But have to admit, it really is pretty.
    I loved John Denver and have all his CD’s. How neat that you got to visit Rocky Mountain High!

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