Before I Leave

Maurice and I head off for Provence today. I’m not sure when we will be back in Paris. Maybe not until winter. Here are a few photos I took here and there yesterday. I have a new computer without photoshop so I am using a new program I am not familiar with so I am fussing with the photos. I’m so bad at learning new things.

This “suitcase” is covering the renovation of a shop. Right across the street is the original store which sells luggage and other sorts of things for traveling. It has been in business for years and is on rue St Honore and it is not the sort of place I can afford to buy anything.

A closeup of the latch. Doesn’t it look like the real thing?

This photo is rather dark but can you see the angels around this window? It was in the St Roch Cathedral, also on rue St Honore.

Would you believe that this is the ceiling in a Starbucks cafe? It is near the Garnier Opera House.

This is a bistro not too far from where we live. I love the ambience here. I think it looks like a scene in a French movie. It’s called Chez Prosper. There is a framed record on the wall with the title of Chez Prosper. I have no idea what the song is about.

Here is the floor-I like it too. Once, last autumn, they had tied up huge braches of trees with yellow leaves still on them and there were dried leaves all over the floor. It was so cool looking. They have good salads here too, by the way.

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14 thoughts to “Before I Leave”

  1. The “suitcase” is beautiful, so much nicer than the sheets of plywood seen around here.
    Off to Provence, back to Paris for the winter……now that sounds like a movie!

  2. Love the “suitcase” — I can’t get over the massively clever design in Paris — it’s such an interesting combination of the really traditional and the very innovative. Not a bad place to spend the winter, sheesh!
    But it must be exciting to be off to your place in Provence again. What a great life you have, Linda, it’s so much fun reading about you.

  3. Gosh I LOVE reading every word you write. I am SO tempted to load my daughter up ( she’s 13 ) and move to France. I can’t think of a better education that LIVING!

    Congrats on the new grandson. I live in Utah where I have little or NO appreciation for piles of snow. Uck. [ smiling ]

    By the way, when I grow up, I want to be just like you. [ sigh ]

    I took my daughter to a bluegrass jam I play at on a weekly basis, it’s nice to have two female voices in our band. I was alone in that endeavor so am glad to have her along. I’m sure they have bluegrass in France don’t they? ( …. OK, so I have a sense of humor )

  4. I have great memories of Chez Prosper… wish I were joining you there for lunch today. Very interesting designs in these photos.

  5. What an amazing shop front covering..and the ceiling is so grand.

    What a long time to be away…do you always do this…it is fantastic that you can do this…my husband cannot take any holidays now until November (Formula 1 season ends then)…Hope you have a great time. xox

  6. Love the suitcase… so much more attractive than the horrible scaffolding and taped up windows we have here in Sydney when a shop is being renovated. Only the french do things so beautifully and creatively. Lovely to drop by again after so long away.

  7. That Chez Prosper floor is amazing!

    Thanks for showing us some unusual sights around town…love the ceiling in Starbuck’s too…amazing.

  8. Gorgeous photos…I wouldn’t have even noticed those angels had you not mentioned them! I can’t believe even their Starbucks is beautiful!

  9. I absolutely love the bistro. The colors are warm and awesome. We will miss the Paris photos and stories but looking forward to Provence! (We found out today that our first grandchild due in July will be a little boy! I can’t wait!). Bon Voyage …

  10. Great photos! That prop of a piece of luggage is so clever and looks so real.
    LOVE that Starbucks ceiling and Chez Prosper DOES look straight out of a French film.
    I’m sorry you won’t be in Paris in 8 weeks when I get there….but I’m sure you’ll be enjoying Provence.

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