Lollipops International


As I have written before, I am the mother in law of the creative person behind Lollipops. Lollipops now has an international website and can be ordered from the States and the rest of the world. For a while it was just restricted to Europe. Take a look at the site. I think it is really cute.

8 thoughts to “Lollipops International”

  1. I remember when you took me into that shop–it really is cute! I was hoping to rendezvous with you this week in Paris, but you’re already in Provence! Isn’t this early for you and Maurice to go there for the season?

  2. Very clever bags, and a good site, too. I see several things I’d like. If I buy them, will I too be thin and glamorous, with wildly blowing hair and flawless makeup? 🙂

  3. OH Wow! Gorgeous site but it’s the items that have blown me away. LOVE the handbags and their cat watches!
    Since I’ll be in Paris in about 7 weeks, I jotted down the address. I take it they’re in Le Marais on rue Rosiers? I’m definitely stopping in there and yes….coming back to the States with one of those wonderful bags. Thanks so much for sharing this, Linda.

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