A Walk Through Spring

Spring isn’t officially here yet but there are definite signs of its arrival here in Provence. This is what I saw on my walk today:

A few of Cezanne like iris are opening up.

Would you just look at this green. Deosn’t it just make you happy to look at it? I pass by this field when I do my walk. Speaking of which, somehow I took one of my tennis shoes to Paris. It’s rather hard to walk with just one so I am using street shoes which sort of do a number on my toes and I look tres chic too.

I think this is an almond tree in bloom.

The entry to our village. There is a memorial cross or monument in every village in France for those lost in war, mainly WWI.

You know the weather is getting better when you see clothes drying on a line. This one is right off the main road into our village.

Sideroads of Europe

10 thoughts to “A Walk Through Spring”

  1. Yes, from the looks of it….I’d say spring is definitely in the air over there.
    Love the clothesline photo. Takes me back to a simpler time.

  2. oh my gosh! those first two pictures are stunning. I’ve been saying here how I am so tired of being cold. Luck you!!

  3. It’s good to go on a walk with you! Thanks for sharing these pretty bits of fast approaching Spring in your part of the world. Love those irises…and the almond blossoms…and the beautiful lush green field…and the clothes on the line too.

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