I’m Back

We are back after a whirlwind trip to Switzerland. We drove and it was a long drive, full of beautiful scenery as we had to cross the Alps, or at least the edges of them. We have a little GPS unit called a Tomtom which is great for finding your way through countries and cities when you have no idea where you are. On the way we drove along the cost of France from Nice, into Italy, making our way to Milan and then into Switzerland. It took longer than we thought it would so returned by going through Turin and over the mountains from Italy into France which saved us about an hour of time and one hundred kilometers too.
My son and his family are temporarily in a rental high on a mountain over looking Lugano Lake. To say the view is breath-taking is an understatement. Lugano is right across the border from Italy-30 minutes from Milan-and everyone there speaks Italian. I don’t think there is an official Swiss language anymore. Near France everyone speaks French and near Germany everyone speaks German. I never could make myself understood in English there but French almost always worked. My son speaks Spanish and they never understand that either. He is quickly picking up Italian and now speaks what he calls Spitalian as he mixes up the two. What is great is that his children will probably end up being able to speak three or four languages. The four year old, when playing by himself and doing the talking to himself that children like to do, was doing some sort of imaginary Italian. He had the rhythm and the sound of Italian down already. He just has to learn the vocabulary. This is just from hearing it around him now and then, the little sponge.

Not too shabby a view.

They were in a little village called Carona, one of those that are probably over 1000 years old and full of charm and ambience.

This is a painting on the front of the church there.

A lovely door with a balcony.

Many of the older buildings there were painted.


Easter morning we awoke to this view. Overnight there was about 5 inches of soft snow which was gone by afternoon. The children were so excited and couldn’t wait to get out and play in it. Of course, they had no sort of gloves, being from Texas, so we put gloves and plastic bags on their hands which only worked for a while. Jackson, the six year old, couldn’t understand why the snow didn’t last longer. I think it stays fairly warm in this part of Switzerland as there were palm trees here and there. (By the way, I would love to post photos of my grandsons but whenever I do, I can see that all sorts of perverts are trolling around my blog looking for photos of children so I’m not going to post any. I got some great shots of my grandsons taking bites of the ears of chocolate bunnies.)
Soon my son and his family will move to a more permanant rental house down below the mountain close to the lake. The place actually has a chicken pen with chickens which the owner offered to leave but, after seeing the mess that would have to be cleaned up, and what they eat-mash-they decided not to keep the chickens there. It has a lot more room than where we stayed with them and is right by the train station so my son can easily get to work. Right now there is a long, very winding road to take up and down that mountain which my daughter in law calls the vomit road.
I will be returning in May when the new baby comes. I really enjoy being with my grandchildren. They can be so funny. One day I told my grandson, the six year old, to tell everyone that I was 45. I like to think I look that age in my vanity. He told me that I would have to dye my hair and wear a mask if I wanted to pass for 45. Sigh.

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  1. What beautiful photos and what a lovely trip! I’m happy you were able to spend time with your grandchildren!
    Welcome back!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Don’t you love those pearls that come out of kids mouths!
    I love the photos…you do know I’m living vicariously through them, don’t you?

  3. When he was about 7, my nephew (now nearly 21) found an old high school photo of me from when I was 16 and in the marching band, wearing a short skirt and those white “band boots”. His shocked comment? “Wow, Aunt Lisa, you were so much thinner then!”

    Stunned silence from the rest of the room, then a horrified “STEVEN!” from his mother. I can’t say his remark didn’t sting a bit but he was just calling it like he saw it. So I said, “Yes, you’re right. Sometimes people change” and left it at that. A few minutes later his mother sent him to apologize to me. I guess it was a lesson in tact for him, and “out of the mouth of babes” truth-telling for me.

  4. Oh my what beautiful areas you traveled. You guys are blessed to be able to enjoy such beauty in another country. My In-laws just got back to the states 2 days ago. They went to Ireland again and then over to Paris. They are wanting my husband & I to travel to Europe with them soon. I hope it will happen. Time is what we seem to be short of:-).
    Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Lol! Kids can be honest to a fault 😉

    I can hear the happiness in your writing…and I am happy for you to have your family on your side of the pond! And that beautiful locale doesn’t hurt, either…

    How long is the trip?

  6. Well, not to dispute the wisdom of childhood, but having met you in Paris my grown son Daniel expressed genuine surprise and says that, knowing that you have grandchildren you certainly are “amazingly young looking.” I think he’d go for 45 easily!

  7. Out of the mouths of babes eh? My grandson once said that you know someones old when they are re-TIRED, because they are too tired to work anymore. My husband and I had both taken early retirement so we felt wonderful with that comment.

    I too am expecting another gradchild in May, at the moment her name is to be Emi (it means smile in Japan) it is growing on me. Do you know the sex of yours yet?

  8. Welcome back! Beautiful photo – and I enjoyed your trip via your words. I love that last picture of the snow and the trees. Beautiful!

  9. Glad you’re safely back from what sounds to have been a great trip. (that TomTom saved our rears several times when we were there) This is such a wonderful opportunity for the grandchildren to expand their horizons and become citizens of the world…not to mention the wonderful opportunity for their grandma to have them near.

    My little 4 year old grandson keeps me laughing. While we were walking along the beach the other day he greeted everyone with: “Hi! My name is David. That’s my grandma but I bet you thought she’s my mom.” I could just see all those folks thinking, “Boy! The old gal really has him programed.”

  10. Hey, what does a six-year-old know about looking 45 or 35 or 55 anyway? LOL.

    Thank you for taking us along on your visit via your photos…such amazing scenery! Sounds like you had a really great time with the family.

  11. Welcome back, Linda. Love the photos especially of Lake Lugano and those of doors.
    Tough assignment to HAVE to live or visit there.

    We’re so happy for you to have part of the family close by. Glad you could celebrate Easter together.

  12. Linda,

    How wonderful for you to have some family closer by. I know that you will enjoy spending time with them…and them with you.

    Meilleurs voeux!!

  13. So glad you are back with such beautiful photos and even happier that your son is nearby — or nearby in Texas terms. Grandchildren and that glorious view — what could be better!

  14. Hey Linda,
    Finally getting in here to get caught up with you. I didn’t know your son lived in Switzerland either….that’s just super, especially with a new grandbaby coming next month.
    What a gorgeous view and photos! Never been to Lugano, but hope to visit there next year. I can hardly believe we leave for France 3 weeks from this Wednesday!

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