I haven’t had a chance to get out with my camera since returning from Switzerland so here are a few more photos from the village of Carona, high above Lugano. And, to answer a couple of questions, the drive there from Provence took about 7 hours returning, almost 8 going which is why we changed our route. My son just moved to Switzerland three weeks ago for a new job. His wife found it on the Internet, he applied, and there you go. He said that it probably helped him get the job when they heard that his mother lived in France as sometimes people leave after a short while due to loneliness or missing family.

Easter snow on a palm tree

Not your usual angel under a balcony

Great Italian colors.

Another window-can’t pass them up

I call this a tulip tree but they look like they are related to the magnolia

A sign in German warning about, I think, an attack cat. There are lots of things in German here, such as menus and when I tried to google something it kept coming up in German.

Sideroads of Europe

9 thoughts to “Carona”

  1. I LOVE those windows. I wouldn’t be able to pass them up either! I think you are right about the “tulip” tree being some sort of magnolia. It looks like some that I see around here but I can’t recall the name. Beautiful!
    Scary attack cat!
    Amazing story about your son and how he got his job there, wow!

  2. Surely getting a job in such a way has something to do with destiny. Congratulations to your son, and daughter in law for cracking the nut first time out. It’s not a simply thing getting a job in Europe. Unless of course you are a scientist or technical person.

  3. Hi Linda – been a while but I’m glad you are back in France and that your travels to the States and Switzerland were fun. You sure get about!! How lovely that you now have family in Switz., it looks gorgeous there.

  4. Enjoyed these last two posts on Switzerland. I am pleased for yu that your son is now nearer to you and that you can visit him.
    Reminds me of our first trip to Switzerland, we were in a German canton. That began Alan learning German and he is now fluent.

  5. Snow on a palm tree? Just does not sound right đŸ˜‰
    And that angel looks like it had a bad nose job!

    BTW – so how do we go about finding a job in Switzerland? What profession? Which Internet site? Please share, if you can…

  6. Welcome back, Linda! What a beautiful Easter you had. Switzerland is a magnificent country! The conversation with your little grandson about your age is so endearing.

  7. Love the angel under the balcony. S/he looks as if it’s hard work, holding up an entire balcony with just your wings. Wonderful pictures, thanks.

  8. More great pictures, Linda. Especially like the balcony one with the shutters and window and the bright colors. Favorite is the angel “holding up” the balcony. Thanks.

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