Memories and Wishes

Church steeple in Caron

I was just thinking about our trip to Switzerland. Of course, most of my memories are of my grandchildren and all they said and did. The youngest at age two, Micah, is so funny and smart (of course). One day his mother was getting after his older brother. She was saying, “I’m giving you until three to come out of there. One…, Two…” Micah was standing beside me while this was happening and he quietly said, “Three.” He also threw a little fit one day and decided to put himself into time out. I know all three of my grandsons will be rattling off Italian before long.

Yet another door there

I was wishing I had been raised to speak at least one more language than English. I think it is so smart to teach children several languages. Almost everyone we had interaction with there spoke French very fluently. My son and I walked up to the local cafe one night for a drink. He was greeted by all of the regulars. One man said, “Jason, I have a solution to your transportation problem.” My son doesn’t have a car yet. This was said in perfect English. “You need a glider!” They are so high up on the mountain that this actually could probably work. Anyway, we sat down at a table and a family of four was seated next to us. Jason tried to say in Italian that we would be gone soon and that they could then also have our table. The family, it turned out was German with a family vacation home up there in Carona. The father answered Jason in perfect English. They ordered their dinner in fluent Italian, and then spoke really good Spanish when I told them Jason could speak it. The older son also rattled off Spanish. I just found the whole experience amazing.

On a totally different subject, I found this website while browsing around the Internet. It mostly has funny photos of cats, but this one made me laugh outloud:


Sideroads of Europe

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  1. How lucky your grandchildren are to be exposed to so many cultures and they definately will pick up another language! Beautiful pics as well, the kfc was cute!

  2. Love the “flamicken!”

    I always am amazed at how quickly children pick up other languages…soon they’ll be chatting with Maurice in perfect French.

  3. I think it’s so ignorant of the American education system not beginning second languages at an early age, like kindergarten! Studies have shown that by the time we are in our teens, (when the second language is normally taught) that part of the brain is already shutting down. Ya think we’d change the system with that knowledge? Yea, right. Why would anyone need to speak anything other than English? Geesh. We are so stupid. It does make it difficult on those of us who truly would like to learn a second, or third, language but find it too hard at our (older) age. Grrrr.

  4. I’ve sometimes lamented since we moved to France that, if I could just get dropped off at a kindergarten each morning to sing songs and learn little rhymes, or find somebody to put me in a stroller and fuss over me hour after hour, maybe I could tackle French. As it is, it may take forever. I had never before contemplated being jealous of toddlers and it doesn’t come easily.

  5. Linda, I am so amazed when I travel the world that the number of folks I meet who speak multiple languages. I feel so inadequate! I have tried, and failed, to learn French, German and Japanese. I think our schools need to start languages at a very young age.

    Nice to hear about your experiences!!!

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